10 February 2015

The Kindness of (Sorta) Strangers, Part 2

Last month, I showed you a pair of socks that a blog friend knit and sent to me when I was recovering from surgery in July.  That post is here, in case you didn't get to see it.  As I mentioned in that post, receiving those socks was one of the things that made me feel so happy while I was otherwise feeling awful.

Lorraine is not the only blog friend who took the time to be thoughtful and let me know someone was thinking of me and wishing me well.  Amazing.

I have been reading Lorette's blog for years, and we have become really good online friends.  We have a common love for wine and cocktails, knitting, food, music, and reading, just to name a few things.  Through Facebook, her husband John has also become a friend.  So when a package arrived with their return address, I was really curious to see what might be inside.  I opened it, and it was a gorgeous skein of Eidos yarn from The Verdant Gryphon.  The colorway?  The Kidney Heist!  Let me tell you,  The Tim and I got a BIG laugh out of that - and it hurt me to laugh!  The Tim almost immediately said, "That would make great socks for me," and I said something to the effect of, "Excuse me?"

Fast forward to last October.  Our anniversary was coming up, and The Tim is a really hard person, present-wise.  He usually buys things he wants for himself.  So I decided to actually go ahead and use "the kidney yarn" (as we called it) to make him a pair of socks - I mean, it's the only thing he had actually requested.

The details about the socks and their making will be in another post. but I can tell you that they finally got finished, and that knitting with that yarn was a truly wonderful experience.  So soft, and so pretty!  Here's one of the pictures I have of the finished pair:

Again, how lucky am I to have a friend like Lorette, who - even though we have never laid eyes on one another, or even spoken on the phone - sent me not just beautiful yarn, but yarn with a colorway name that was a) appropriate, and b) hilarious?  I still find it astonishing that she took the time to send it to me.

Thanks, Lorette and John!  You gave me a happy feeling and a good (if somewhat painful) laugh at a time when I needed it more than just about anything else, and I will always remember your kindness.

Kindness is never a bad thing.


Kym said...

Blog friendships are just wonderful, aren't they? It's amazing how people can connect so easily via blog post . . . but it happens all the time! So glad you and Lorette get to share that experience! (And lovely socks, btw!)

Mereknits said...

The name of that yarn is ridiculously funny. Love the socks.

Marie said...

Some people just have a knack for choosing the right gift -- and saying the right thing. Lorette sounds like a lovely person.

Lorraine said...

Bridget- Great socks, great name. Nothing like a little humor in knitting, is there?

kathy b said...

What a great gift of yarn. Then you paid it forward!!!

elns said...

Fantastic. I love your, "excuse me?" response to his sock request. You did it anyway, that's love. I too have one that will go out and get whatever he wants. My gifts for him end up being very practical. I still have not knit him anything funny, right?

Lorette said...

You know, I bought that yarn JUST BECAUSE of the goofy name, a long time ago. When I heard you were having a kidney removed, I knew there was just no one else who could possibly use this yarn more! I got an equally good laugh sending it to you!