15 October 2015

For Your Consideration

Time for some shameless begging ...

On Saturday, October 24, Dug and I will be participating in the PAWS Mutt Strut.  This is the third year in a row we are walking (well, with Dug it's more like meandering), and I have upped our fundraising goal.  In past years, we've been lucky to meet the goal we set for ourselves, and I am hoping that this year we can do it again.

PAWS is a great organization.  They are the city of Philadelphia's only no-kill shelter, but they also provide inexpensive spay, neuter, and health services for all pets, as well as free spaying and neutering for feral cats.  They go to the city shelter whenever they can, and pull urgent animals so that they are not euthanized.  

The Mutt Strut is one of their fundraising efforts, and besides being a good cause, it's a fun time.  Dug loves it, because there are other dogs, people paying attention to him and treats!  I love it because it gives me the chance - even if only once a year - to feel like I'm really putting my money where my mouth is.

Now please, everyone - do not feel in any way pressured to donate.  But this week in particular, one of the sponsors is matching any donations made.  So your $1 becomes $2, etc.  So if you are inclined to do so, and have a few extra dollars, here is our fundraising page.  (Even if you don't donate, you should go and see the cute picture of Dug there!)

OK, thanks for reading, and for even giving it a thought.  We'll let you know how we do, one way or another.  And of course, you'll see pictures!

Dug says, "Thank you for helping homeless animals!"

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Araignee said...

Happy to help!!!!!