08 October 2015

Reverse Seasons

I do a pretty decent job of knitting things on time if they are a gift for someone else.  I may be a teensy bit late, but no more than that.  I'm usually even on time.  I think it's because I want someone I'm gifting to know that I'm thinking of them, and conscious of noting the holiday/birthday/whatever.

Knitting for myself, though?  Well ... that usually takes a while, even if I *think* I'm knitting with a deadline.  You may remember my Halloween Socks.  I started them at the beginning of October last year, with the confidence that I would be able to wear them for Halloween later that month.

I finished them in January of this year.

Fortunately, Halloween comes around every 12 months.

Then, a week before Memorial Day, I started these socks, which I called "Watermelon, Anyone?"

I had every plan to wear them for the rest of the spring, into summer.

Fortunately, spring and summer come around every year, just like Halloween.

Because, I finally finished them last week.  You know, after watermelon season.

As a friend said when I mentioned how I seemed to complete things out of season, "You are Fashion Forward."  I'm gonna stick with that.

Project:  Watermelon, Anyone?

Pattern:  Classic Socks for the Family (my go-to pattern for a basic sock)

Yarn:  Abi Grasso Watermelon Self Striping Sock Yarn with Seeds (purchased here)

Needles:  US 1 1/2

Modifications:  I made the leg part longer, otherwise, just followed the pattern as written.

Comments:  I LOVE how these turned out!  They were such fun to knit, because I couldn't wait each time to see the next "watermelon" pattern turn out.  I put them down for a long time due to a) laziness, and b) a sore elbow that made it hard to knit, but I am really happy with the resulting socks.  And I'll be all set next spring/summer!

Also, when I was knitting these, one of my nieces was amazed that the yarn made the pattern.  When I showed her the resulting socks, she said, "I like how the yarn knows what to do."  That made me laugh!

I have quite a bit of yarn left over, so the remainder may become a watermelon hat for one of my great-nieces.  I think that would be really adorable.   (We'll see.  I always have a lot of great plans.  That remain plans - just that - in the end ...)


Lorraine said...

Bridget- Fashion forward. Yeah, that works. Love the socks.

Araignee said...

I sooooo love these. I have coveted that yarn forever. What a brilliant piece of dyeing. I'd wear them all year with my lime green Crocs-or my pink ones-or my red ones! Sadly in the winter no one really gets a good peek at what's under your jeans-sockwise that is!

Kym said...

You are NOT behind schedule at all ---- you're AHEAD of the game . . . by having seasonal socks ready when the season comes (next). ;-) Love the watermelon socks.

Linda said...

Love those socks!!
I too knit really fast when I'm making a gift for someone. But for me, things languish (well maybe that is because I'm knitting so many of them - ha)! But I get one or two done eventually!

Linda in VA

Mereknits said...

Well said by your friend, you are just really ahead of the game! Love the socks.

Unknown said...

I love those socks. How fun!

Lorette said...

The sock yarns that knit up into patterns like that always amaze me.

And I like Fashion Forward. I always start a heavy wooly sweater in the fall, sure I'll be able to wear it the same season. It never works out that way.