29 March 2016

Out and About

For today's Ten on Tuesday, Carole wants to know 10 Things I Love to Do Outside.  I'm taking a page from Kym's book, and going to say this list is things I love to do outside right now, at this time of year.

It's actually funny to me that I spend as much time outside as I do.  Growing up, I probably spent as much time as the next kid did outside, playing, riding bikes, and who knows what else.  But in high school, college, etc., I spent most of my time indoors, at classes, studying, working at my many jobs.  Anyone who knew me then would be surprised that I like being outdoors at all!

Anyway, I do, and here is my list.

1.  Listening.  No matter what time of day, I like listening to birds, train sounds, the wind in the trees, squirrels chattering, dogs barking, etc.  If I am walking along the river trail, I like hearing the ducks and geese discuss varying topics, and the sound of the water sloshing.

2.  Looking.  I love seeing who else is out and about, any dogs on walks, architecture, clouds, trees, flowers, just about anything.

3.  Thinking.  Being outside just for the sake of being outside is conducive to thinking for me.

4.  Walking.  I love to walk, and can fortunately walk almost anywhere I want to go on any given day.

5.  Hiking/trail walking.  Occasionally when The Tim and I are off on a day together, and the weather is agreeable, we'll hop in the car and venture somewhere nearby for a hike or a trail walk.  A lot of the time, we take Dug with us, which means we are moving about in a very leisurely manner ...

6.  Reading - but it has to be the right kind of book!  Some books do not lend themselves to being outside, at least in my universe.

7.  Knit.  I enjoy knitting outside, but only when it is something portable like a sock, hat, etc.  Big projects are too much to carry around.

8.  Sit.  I love to sit and just watch the world go by, whether it's on the front stoop, in our garden, waiting for someone I'm meeting somewhere - it's just enjoyable to me.

9.  Listen to music.  I love to sit in the garden and hear music through the windows, and even better, I like to go to outdoor concerts on a lovely, cool evening.

10.  Ride my bicyle.  I love riding my bike, especially along the river path.  It's good exercise, and it's something fun.

I notice that a lot of people said they like to eat and cook outside.  I enjoy that in theory, but not always in practice, so I didn't add it to my list.  I know you are probably shocked ... ;-)

Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience
- Ralph Waldo Emerson


kathy b said...

Great list! I rode my bike today for the first time in 2016. Felt good.
I love to listen outdoors too. My screened porch haven allows for it May through Mid october. I . Cant . wait.

Donna said...

I love the sounds of the outdoors. Especially the birds.

Bonny said...

What a thoughtful list, and I especially like that you included listening. When I'm sitting on the porch, it seems like at least 50% of the people that walk by have their ear buds in. I'm sorry they're missing all those lovely sounds you mentioned!

Anonymous said...

I echo ALL of your outside likes! I don't like eating outside because of the bugs --- gnats, flies ---- ugh!

Hope you have a good long spring of enjoyable walks.

AsKatKnits said...

Great list - I really like how you put this together as a feast for all your senses, especially listening.

Araignee said...

I love the outdoors too-until the mosquitos show up.

karen said...

a pretty solid list that I would also do. Love your quote at the end :)

elns said...

I love these lists. Listening to music is a unique answer to me, I don't think a lot of people would consider it an outdoor activity. I'm glad you included it. You know, I love to swim outside. It's such a treat. Lapswim, open water swim. doesn't matter. I am one of those people who likes to eat and cook outside. heh.

handmade by amalia said...

A great list. Spring is such a wonderful season that it is a pity to spend it inside.