17 July 2016

June Harry's Hundred Update

Personally, June was one of the worst months this year for me personally.  I barely knit a stitch of anything, and sadly made nothing to contribute to this project.

But - fortunately, two lovely people kept their needles clicking away, and added to the total for Harry's Hundred.  I have to say, they are both "repeat offenders" and I am grateful for their contributions.  Not just so that the number of items increase, but because it means that people will be receiving items that they would otherwise not have, that can keep them warm, and hopefully make them feel that someone cares.

Without further ado, I present the additions from June.

Kim is not just a dear friend and a wonderful person, but a prolific knitter and someone who will make many people feel the love with her knitted items.  She sent me these photos so I could add the items to the overall tally.

A beautiful pair of gauntlets (with fancy button detail!), and a hat and scarf (the scarf has some of my most fave colors, btw).  I think we can agree that these will bring a smile to some faces, right?

Next, a woman I now only know via Ravelry, but whose contributions are making a really big difference each month in the totals, GringaTurista (Rav profile link).  More cozy mittens!

She calls these "Mitten Pox" which I love, and is quite possibly the only pox I think worth spreading. :-)

Thanks to these ladies for their efforts and continued contributions.  I really and truly cannot express how happy it makes me to learn that others are participating.

I have plans for July and especially for August, since that is the actual month of my dad/Harry's 100th birthday.  But even if nothing else happens on the part of me or anyone else, I think Harry's Hundred has already been successful - anything at all that has been made and contributed or will be contributed is a commitment to help our fellow humans.   And these days, every little thing makes more of a difference than ever.

So here's' where we are, halfway through the year:

Goal:  100
Tally so far:  36



Anonymous said...

Such pretty items....someone will be warm AND stylish.

KSD said...

*I blush*

Araignee said...

I love those mittens!

AsKatKnits said...

Beautiful knitting! Wow!

kathy b said...

The gauntlets are really cool!

elns said...

Yay for more contributions! All good stuff! Wishing the rest of the summer is up up up for you.