12 July 2016

Q's. A's. Tuesday.

I'm not doing the Ten on Tuesday this week, because I was not a kid who went to camp.  My parents couldn't afford it, and to be honest, I wasn't interested anyway.  I spent enough time around other kids during the school year - summer was *my* time, with my books and my animals.  :-)

But Kathy has her weekly list of questions, so why not answer them today?

After a long day of knitting, would you rather: a) soak in a hot tub, b) have a massage, c) have a manicure.

I seldom knit for really long periods of time, but even so, I like to soak in the tub, especially in a bubble bath!  I don't do it often, so it feels extremely decadent.

Many of us are sock knitters.  Have you ever put rubber dots on the sock bottoms for slippage?

Nope.  I've never really given it much thought either, I have to admit ...

When was your last pedi?

I treated myself to a professional pedicure about three weeks ago.  I was thinking about giving myself one this past weekend, but my low-energy-existence meant that it just never happened.

Are you waiting for anything to bloom in your garden?

My garden consists of only a few plants in pots this year, and they are all blooming or have bloomed.  We are waiting for The Tim's deck garden to bloom though.  So far, the lettuces, argula, and herbs have been happy, but we're waiting on the other stuff.  A couple of the cucumber plants in particular look like something will happen Any.Day.Now.

Do you own anything at all, anything, solar powered?

Nope.  We had some deck lights a few years back that were supposed to be solar powered, but they were a bust.  *We're* not even solar powered!

So many [Chicago] Cubs are in the All-Star lineup this year ... will you watch the home run contest of the game?  Both? Neither?

I always watch the game (well, if it runs late I usually miss the end), but I almost always forget about the home run contest, and miss it altogether.

Finally, your name for winter yarns were all amazingly awesome.  Let's try again.  Name a Midsummer yarn colorway.

Vanilla Custard (that perfect vanilla color, not quite white, not really yellow)
Titania's Twilight (light blue and light gray variegated, with flecks of stellina)

As usual, that was fun!  Except now I really want a vanilla custard cone ... :-)


Bonny said...

I was also not a camp kid, but had fun reading your q&a's. Your names and descriptions are so evocative that I can picture a lovely shawl with both Vanilla Custard and Titania's Twilight.

Araignee said...

Me too! I haven't had ice cream in soooooo long.

AsKatKnits said...

I was not a camp kid, but I did a different take on it - camp for adults! We have solar lights in the yard, and I love the "low glow" of them. Great answers and now I am off to try and find yarns that match your colorways!!

Vera said...

I want a Buster Bar from Dairy Queen (and it's only 8:30 in the morning)...Wahhhhhhh

Caffeine Girl said...

Vanilla Custard is a great name!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Im with you on the whole summer camp things - books and animals sounds way more fun.

MIchelle B. said...

Now I want a Rita's custard! :)

Anonymous said...

Titania's Twilight would be lovely. I would absolutely need some of that in my stash.

Judy S. said...

Ah for a Midwest custard cone!