04 October 2016

Kathy's Inquiring Mind

Kathy's latest set of questions are especially fun, in my opinion.  And since the post I was planning to write has to be put off for at least another day until I can get my pictures straightened out, I figured I'd share my answers with you.  

Because I'd hate for you to go any longer without hearing from me, you know?  :-)

*Which did you last wear - flannel shirt or sweatshirt?

I don't actually own any flannel shirts (though I have lots of flannel pajamas), and I have lots of sweatshirts. And though I haven't pulled them out yet for this year, the last time the weather called for it, I wore a sweatshirt.

*Which chart is easier for you to read - fairisle or cables?

I have to agree with Dee on this one - I think fairisle is easier to read, but cables are easier to do.  I'm not all that good at charts overall though, to be honest ...

*Do you prefer a turtleneck or a cowl neck?

Turtleneck. I have one sweater with a cowl neck, but find it uncomfortable if I'm wearing a coat.

*Have you been on a ghost walk? Where?

Nope.  But during the time I worked at Eastern State Penitentiary, I spent some time around groups that would come looking for ghosts.  And many co-workers claimed to have seen ghosts.  

*What is the bulk of your stash - sock? worsted? bulky?

Sock yarn for sure!  I have some worsted, and a little bit of bulky, but most of my stash is sock/fingering weight yarn.  I have a serious issue saying no to sock yarn ...

*Have you tried acupuncture? Would you?

No and yes.  I know lots of people that it has helped considerably.  

*Have you eaten Halloween candy yet this year?

Yes.  The Tim brought home a bag of candy with the little individual packets inside, and I had a couple.  (It wasn't my favorite kind of candy, or trust me, I would have had more!)

*Have you seen Christmas decorations yet?

No I haven't.  But I also have not been out to any stores for at least a month, so they may very well be covered in decorations and I just have not seen them.  Having said that, I'm good at completely ignoring them until I'm good and ready to enjoy them ... you know, after Thanksgiving.

*What's your charity of choice to donate to?

I try to spread my $$ across several of the shelters here, where we have adopted animals.  Then each year in December, I make an extra special donation to one of them, taking turns so that each gets soimething.  And I also usually donate to a couple of charities that my great-nieces/nephews are doing fundraising activities for - last year, my great-nephew Zach did a jump rope fundraiser for the childrens' section at Johns Hopkins Hospital and I donated to that.

*You are at the apple orchard - do you buy: apples? donuts? cider?

Yes.  :-)

(Though since I haven't been to the orchard yet this year, I am planning my weekly treat for tomorrow to be an apple cider donut from Wawa.  Sooooooo GOOD!  Plus, I love Wawa.)


Anonymous said...

Seems like quite a few of us have healthy stashes of sock weight yarn! LOL

Vera said...

Yup - sock yarn overwhelmingly. A former co-worker used to work the "Halloween Show" at Eastern State Penitentiary...but that kind of "show" never appealed to me. Finally, everyone is talking about apple cider donuts. I've never had one! Now I feel deprived.....

Araignee said...

Those Wawa donuts are amazing. There better be some waiting for me on Thursday when I stop in after my Daddio day.

Lorraine said...

Bridget- I think the apples will be late this year, and I'm with you on that. Apples, donuts and cider- not necessarily in that order.

Kym said...

Those ARE fun questions! (Halloween candy. Oh, man. Don't get me started!)

kathy b said...

So glad you had fun with Q and A. I enjoy reading everyones answers!! I want to go on a ghost tour

Nance said...

It seems that everyplace has a Ghost Walk now. I've never been on an authorized one, but having spent lots and lots of time in Gettysburg, I've been on unofficial ones plenty.

Regarding Halloween Candy, it seems to me that the really important question should be Candy Corn: Yes Or No?

I am a Definite No.

Lydia said...

Sock yarn definitely dominates, and I LOVE ghost tours. I did one in Savannah that was fabulous, and I did a Jack the Ripper tour in London which wasn't actually "ghosty", but I still go the creeps!

elns said...

I always love reading the Q&As for everyone's Kathy questions. Your answers convince me we would be good friends, esp. the sock yarn and the apple orchard treats, ha! All the best!