24 October 2016

Kathy's World Series Q & A

Kathy is thrilled that the Chicago Cubs have made it to the World Series - and frankly, so am I!  To be honest, I have nothing against the Cleveland Indians, but Chicago is one of the places I have lived - both as a child and then for a couple of years once The Tim finished grad school.  So I have a "home" connection to Chicago, and I hope I haven't just jinxed things for them. ;-)

So anyway, let's answer this week's queries.

-- What is your favorite fabric to wear?

I have to say flannel in cold weather, and cotton in warmer weather.  They are comfort fabrics to me.

-- Who woke you up this morning?

My bladder.  I woke up ten minutes before the alarm, having to use the bathroom.  This is actually surprising, because 99% of the time it is some combination of the felines in the family ... and a lot earlier. (ugh)

-- Last time you had to turn off the announcers and turn on the radio for a sports event.

A few years ago, when I was watching a Phillies game.  Usually though, I leave the TV and rant.  Pleasant, no?

-- Last food item you ate?

I had a slice of leftover pizza for dinner.

-- Last item you had knit regrets about?

My Multnomah Shawl.  I screwed it up when I got to the lacy border, but didn't realize it until well into it.  So every once in a while, I rip back a few rows, hoping that when I get to the last row before the border, that a) I'll realize it, and b) I can "get" it when I try to knit the border again.  It's really too bad, because I had zoomed through the shawl, loved knitting it, and couldn't wait to wear it. Grrrrr.

-- Last time a family member said to you, "When are you going to finish that thing?"


-- Are you still working on a New Year's resolution?

I don't make resolutions, really, I just try to decide on some goals and intentions.  But I am continuing to work on one in particular, because I got sidetracked over the summer.  I'm doing OK with it, so I'm glad about that.

-- Last great amateur photo you saw?

My niece Liz took a photo of her son Zach and another niece's daughter Penn this past weekend when they were all together for my brother-in-law's birthday.  It's both adorable and beautifully composed.

-- Do you know someone who is an organ recipient or donor?

Yes.  A former neighbor had a kidney transplant a few years back.  And both The Tim and I have marked ourselves as organ donors.


Araignee said...

Mmmm....leftover pizza. Hot or cold, I love it.

Kym said...

Flannel is such a wonderful comfort fabric! I just want to wrap up in it all winter --- with a wool sweater over the top! :-) (And let's go, Cubs!!!)

karen said...

my favorite is cotton tees long sleeve and then piling on the wool :) Refined wool that is. My brother in law gave my sister in law a kidney (his wife!). I thought that was cool!

Vera said...

Love leftover pizza and flannel!

Lydia said...

I had leftover pizza for lunch-so good. Being an organ donor is such a gift, my half-brother has been on the heart transplant list for about a year and he's only 50.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I'm with you on the flannel right now! It's darn chilly out!

Linda said...

On Friday nights, after we went to bed, my parents would have a pizza. They always saved me the crusts - as that was my favorite part. I would get up - for years and years I did this - and eat the crusts with a glass of chocolate milk for my breakfast!!

There are two announcers on the one NASCAR station I watch. One is a former driver, one is a former crew chief. They never STOP TALKING! And they have annoying voices - LOL! I sit there yelling - shut up shut up shut up!!! Then I mute the tv!!

Linda in VA

Judy S. said...

Sorry about your Multnomah shawl; mine turned out to be kind of small.... I visited (as a volunteer knitter) a liver transplant patient who was in the hospital and waiting. How tough would that be? And we had a friend who received a lung transplant; he had a couple more good years as a result.

Stephanie Faris said...

My husband is rooting for the Cubs, too! He's watching it every night. And yes, my bladder is almost always my alarm!