12 October 2016

You Can't Always Get What You Want

Apologies to the Rolling Stones for stealing their words.  I'm sure they'll be furious.  I'll just have to take my chances.

Lately, I've been thinking of all the things I wish I was able to do but cannot for whatever reason.  None of them are necessary things, hence the wishing part.  But you know how it is, sometimes you get things in your brain, or someone reminds you about something, and you just keep thinking about it.  

For example, nearly everyone I know here in Philadelphia who is a knitter is going to Rhinebeck this weekend.  I've never been to Rhinebeck, but would love to go for the following reasons:

1. Duh.
2. Supposedly there is wine- and/or cheese-tasting.  See #1.
3. Upstate New York would be so pretty this time of year, and I would love to see the changing colors.
4. It sounds like there is so much to see and do, both as far as actual activities, and what people are wearing that they have knit.
5. Animals.

I do wish I could go some year, and who knows, maybe I will.  Again though, not necessary.

Also, I would like to knit a sweater.  Technically, I would like to finish a sweater I have been knitting (way more off than on) for two years.  Now, again, since I do not depend on my knitting skills in order to be clothed (thank you, Fiber Jesus!), I don't ever have to really finish it.  But I want to, for the following reasons:

1. I like the yarn and the pattern - from a Custom Knit class I took at Loop.
2. I started out like a house on fire ... then found a mistake, ripped back, and lost inspiration.
3. Theoretically, being a Custom Fit pattern, it will a) fit properly and b) look nice.
4. I would like to actually start knitting a sweater, finish knitting said sweater, and then wear said sweater.  You know, like some people do.

Theoretically, this can happen.  Not soon, as I am not allowing myself to be derailed from my gift knitting until it's all finished.  Fortunately I'm enjoying it.  Unfortunately, so is Jack the kitten, so I don't get to knit as much as I'd like.  But if nothing else, I plan to knit more for myself in 2017, so perhaps I will actually finish said sweater then.  

Another thing I'd like to do is learn to how to do watercolor painting.  I adore watercolors, and had a knitting friend who was also an artist who offered to teach me.  Then she moved to Florida.  (Coincidence? I think not.)  Now there are any number of places here where I could take classes, but I have not for the following reasons:

1. I cannot currently afford classes in anything.
2. They all require some other classes as prerequisites (Intro to Drawing, Basic Painting Techniques, Other Ways to Get Your Money Before You Take the Only Class You Want To, etc.), and due to the combination of #1 and my lack of interest in the others, it isn't happening.
3. I am not overly artistic.  I mainly want to learn so I can entertain myself with colors and shapes on nice paper.  Even more basic than basic.
4. In reality, I don't actually need another hobby.  (See also: Why I Haven't Learned to Spin)

Now the aforementioned friend recommended an online class that costs ~$75.00, and you can go at your own pace.  At some point, I may be able to afford that, so I'll keep it in the back of my brain.  Again, not something I desperately need to know/have, just something I'd like to try.  Having said that, online things with audio are often frustrating for me, since it's usually the situation where the audio goes for about half a sentence, and then pauses for five minutes to load the rest of the sentence.  Even on my best day, that makes me stabby!  

Finally, I would like to have someplace to go occasionally that is near the ocean and that I really like.  Fortunately, this weekend while everyone else is at Rhinebeck, we will going to Rehoboth Beach for a long weekend - YAY!  I think I've mentioned before that my niece's husband Pat's family has a beach house there, and Amanda and Pat invite us a few times a year.  However this visit will be our last, because the owner of the house has decided not to renew their lease.  We don't know why - I'm sure we'll hear all about it this weekend - but I fear it might be because he wants to sell it to someone who is planning to tear it town and build one of those obnoxious Beach McMansions.  The house is perfect for the following reasons:

1. It is a nice, little, beach cottage.  Like there should be everywhere.  
2. It has screened in front and back porches.
3. On the front porch, you can look down the street and see the boardwalk and sand dunes.
4. On the back porch, there is a view of lovely trees and a little lake.
5. It is less than a block to the beach.
6. It is within walking distance of most of the shops and restaurants - including yarn stores! - that we like.
7. It felt a teensy bit like it was our own.

It's unlikely that we'll go to Rehoboth or anywhere once they no longer have the house.  Hotels are expensive, even in the off-season, and you usually can't take your dog. (Dug LOVED the little beach house, and someday when we have another dog, I'd like to take that pup with us as well.)  Granted, sometimes over the summer, we go to the Jersey shore for the day, and that is better than nothing.  But the past couple of years we haven't done that, due to health issues, and problems with The Tim's work schedule and mine meshing.  

Not necessary.  But lovely.  So we will make sure to eke out every bit of loveliness that we can this weekend.  :-)

I guess these are good problems to have in the grand scheme of things - they are, to quote one of my sisters, "White Man's Problems."  And they are not in fact real problems.

What about you?  Do you have any things in your brain rolling around like this lately?


Araignee said...

I would rather be in Rehoboth than Rhinebeck any day. I've been to the fest three times and every year I feel that I should be there but when I do go, I don't really like it. It's crowded and confusing and the vendors can be snippy not to mention the fair goers. I find everyone there takes themselves way too seriously. It's just got a weird, crazy vibe-at least for me anyway. People start whining and complaining way before the darn thing even starts. The group page on Ravelry can be downright scary. I stopped commenting because those people are nuts. The best fiber fests are the little ones-not the trendy ones.
I will say it is gorgeous up there this time of year. The best thing about Rhinebeck is the little town itself and the ride up and back.

kathy b said...

IT sounds a bit like you need a puppy NOW

Anonymous said...

We drove through our potential new neighborhood today and now ............oh my golly I want to live there NOW!!! Like YESTERDAY now!!!!

But, you know what --- life is good. I'm in a hotel looking over the Amelia River. I am going ocean kayaking tomorrow. I really could NOT ask for anything more.

Judy S. said...

Have a great time at the beach! I love being at the ocean, too, just not that one as it's too far away. Don't feel bad about your unfinished two year old sweater. My WIP is WAY older, started in the last century but won't tell you when. At the moment there's one sleeve to go......

sprite said...

Regarding Rhinebeck, I've been once, and while I'd like to go back, I really found it too similar to Maryland to justify the cost anytime soon. It's definitely bigger than Maryland, and upstate New York in mid-October is far more likely to necessitate the wearing of hand knits than May in the mid-Atlantic, and there are cider doughnuts, but other than that…

In case you haven't looked into it, it does look like there are some reasonably priced watercolor classes on Craftsy.com (particularly since there seems to be a sale going right now). I've heard good things from people who've taken classes through the site, but have no experience with it myself. (On the other hand, I completely hear you about how even a reasonable price might not be in the budget.)

I'm sorry about your niece's rental. I, too, like the Delaware beaches, but the cost of staying and the time required to get there means it's just the occasional day trip for us.

WendyKnits said...

I've never been to Rhinebeck either though I always wanted to go. I fear my window of opportunity has closed, though, due to increasing back problems. Waaaaah!

We use the expression "first world problems." Like "my cleaning lady moved all the bottles of Chanel perfume on my dresser when she was dusting so they are not lined up in my preferred order."

Nance said...

I think that it's Perfectly Okay to have a little bit of First World Fussing every now and then. I do it for Catharsis, even over at the Dept., and then I do feel better. If you felt all Sunshine And Rainbows all the time, then you'd really have to worry because Denial, you know?

Being Wistful and wanting more is actually A Good Thing. It means that there is still enough life in you to strive for better. To recognize that your life isn't perfect even though it's pretty darn great. It means you have enough gumption to Live Another Day.

And if I got started on the Wistfuls rolling around in my brain? We'd be here all day, and I'm a pretty happy camper.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I've got a long list of things I like to do but don't have time for/can't afford.

However - try youtube for some water colour "classes" if you really want to give it a whirl. You'd be amazed at what you can find there. And then there's no investment but your paint and paper (which isn't much, you should be able to find and inexpensive starter kit)

Lorraine said...

Bridget- If this puts any perspective on it, I think everyone should go to Rhinebeck once. I did, and I will never go again. The crowds are horrific, you have to line up for ages, and try getting to see anything- no way. I'm not a fan of crowds, and this is CROWDED and more and more people are going every year.

There are smaller festivals that are lovely. No pressure and friendly people. Seek one of those out and enjoy that.

I was an art student, and you can get some lovely instruction books on basic watercolour. They have kits you can take with you, and just do it for your own pleasure.

The Well Fed Wheel said...

I've never been to Rhinebeck but did manage to get to MDSW festival this year and it was way to crowded for me too. I did find a beautiful fleece but it took me all day to purchase it because of the loooooong line for checking out. It was exhausting. Much rather go to smaller festivals.

Summer said...

Hoping you do have a lovely weekend ♥

Vera said...

I pretty much concur with what folks are saying about festivals. A part of me wants to go to Rhinebeck just because. But, I was annoyed this year at MDSW (only my second time) due to crapola weather, huge crowds, etc. A couple of years ago I went to the Finger Lakes Fiber Festival (we were on vacation in the area) and I really liked it. Granted there were not the "big name" vendors and not the number of vendors as are at MDSW, but you could actually move around and see everything you wanted to and it didn't take all day to make one purchase!

I try not to get in the sun at all (having had a couple bouts of basil cell carcinoma), but I would love to be near a river or lake...shaded property, the perfect cottage/camp, porches for knitting and talking, etc., etc.

Do enjoy your weekend. It's not looking pretty out my office window right now, but I believe the weekend is supposed to be just about perfect! Have fun!

Kym said...

Okay. So I went to Rhinebeck last year for the first time . . . and I had fun. But. I'm just going to say it. It's over-rated. Crowded. Long lines. Lots and lots of people. Crazy. As an introvert, I was ready to leave after just a few hours. . . Still. I'm happy to have been there. Once. :-)

As far as watercolor classes? I highly recommend a class -- like . . . a real, live class. Watercolor is hard. And frustrating when you're learning. Supplies are expensive, and require a bit of an investment. My advice . . . is to start with a drawing class. Get that prerequisite under your belt. (Because you'll learn an awfully lot in basic drawing that will serve you well in watercolor!) And then? Take the watercolor class! XO

Lydia said...

I can relate, there's lots of things I'd like to experience-a lot of things are just a maybe, but probably won't happen.

Mereknits said...

I have been to Rhinebeck twice, my sister lives an hour away and you would think I could get there more often but I can't. It is always beautiful, but soooooo crowded, you can't get there early enough to fight the crowds. And I find I impulse buy because I am at this great festival and I might never see XYZ again.

I think I would rather have a weekend at the beach.

karen said...

I'm a rhinebeck wannabe but chicken out every year because the drive is too long (4 hours?) and I don't like crowds. One day though. I did dabble in some watercolor and it was fun, but I like to knit more!! I hope you get to do some of the things on your list one day.