22 November 2016

Kathy's Thanksgiving Week Questions

Kathy wants to know the following:

*So it got cold here! What's the silver lining for you and the cold?

For me the silver lining IS the cold!  I love cold weather, and winter, and snow (NOT ICE) and getting dark early, and the coziness it makes me feel.  I am serious when I say I get reverse Seasonal Affective Disorder during the summer.

*Did you have an AHA! moment while knitting this weekend?

No, because I didn't do any knitting this weekend.  (Shocking I know.)  We were out of town, and I knew we would busy going various places.  Plus, everyone I was with was someone who would be a recipient of what I am currently knitting, so I didn't even want to try.

I did however, have a AHA! moment last night, when I realized I actually did have some black yarn left that I could use for one of the gift hats I'm knitting.  I had put it somewhere other than usual and forgotten.  I am really happy about it, because I had a specific color combo in mind that required black, and didn't want to have to buy yarn, so I was trying to talk myself out of it.

*Have you begun your holiday Thanksgiving prep or baking?  

The Tim does most of our Thanksgiving meal and baking prep.  My biggest contribution is making the stuffing, which I will do tomorrow night, and then on Thursday, making the stuffed celery that we always have.  He nearly always works during the evenings this week, so he has time for the baking and can do any prep shopping leading up to the big day when the stores are less crowded.

*Have you stepped out of your fashion comfort zone lately?

Not really.  I usually do that when I am going someplace or to some event that is very special.  There really hasn't been any of that going on.

*Did I thank anyone this weekend?

Lots of people!  Everyone in my family who went out of their way to make The Tim's birthday extra special.  Also, I visited a yarn store, and thanked the woman there for showing me the local yarns.  And waitresses, etc.  I'm kind of a serial thanker, I guess.

*Do you knit when your family visits?

I do when we are not running around and/or if I am not in the process of knitting something for the person or persons visiting.

*Has your cat caught a mouse in the house?

As far as I know, we've never had a mouse in our house, though I'm sure there are some in the walls, as I hear it now and then.  They all like to kill bugs though.

*Are you buying any Thanksgiving components?

Ingredients, yes.  Components, no.

*Are your hands cold?

Nearly all the time.  I apparently have poor circulation.  But fingerless gloves make a big difference, and I almost always have a hot drink going and can hold that from time to time to help, so most of the time, it's not a big problem.

Play along if you like - it's fun!


P.S. I am DYING for some stuffing - it's all I can think about this week!!


Vera said...

Hi Bridget! I'm with you liking the cold...but I could do without the wind we've been having! Here's to a happy short week for you (and hoping The Tim's customers are the pleasant sort).

Araignee said...

That cartoon is hilarious. The Mister hates turkey and I don't eat meat so that's what our holiday usually looks like-minus the bird at the table.

Anonymous said...

Love the cartoon! Too cute!

Hope you and Tim have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

We are looking forward to celebrating our first holiday in the new apartment! We have MUCH to be thankful for.

Lorraine said...

Bridget- Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

I adore the cold-and snow.

Nance said...

We got nasty snowy weather (lake effect) on Saturday, and the snow is still here. Ugh. And the cold. Nothing like the Eastern States, but enough to make me crabby. It will be gone by the end of today, but unlike you, I see winter as a prison.

My hands are often cold, but it's my nose that is always cold!