07 February 2017

About Podcasts

Hello all, here's hoping your week has started out OK.  It's supposed to be in the 60s today in Philadelphia, and then on Thursday, we are supposed to wake up to freezing temperatures and 3-5 inches of snow.  Sigh.  This wimpy winter weather here is making me think we are doomed for this summer.  Usually when we don't have a regular winter, the summer is deadly hot and humid.  I am truly hoping to be proven wrong ...

Anyhoo, I was just wondering if any of you are podcast listeners/fans.  I used to enjoy audio podcasts, because I could listen while doing any number of other things.  But it seems that most podcasts today are video podcasts, which mean that a) you need to have your computer/tablet/whatever with you, and b) since you are "watching" you need to pay closer attention to see what is being talked about or shown.  Which, at least for me, means that I need to be actually sitting down, planning to watch and pay attention.  At first this really annoyed me, but I've gotten used to it to some degree.  I still miss audio podcasts, but I do enjoy actually seeing what people are talking about.

During evenings or weekends when I sit down to knit, I've started using that time for podcasts.  Also, in the morning when I get to work, I listen to some of them while clearing out e-mails that have accumulated while I was gone.  I get to work anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half before anyone else, and clearing out e-mails usually takes about half an hour, so it's nice to have "company" while I'm doing that.

Here are some I've sampled recently.  All of these are on YouTube, and a few have become favorites while others are still being "tested."

Grocery Girls
Once Upon a Corgi
Tea and Possibilities
Along the Lanes (Dee told me about this one, though she hasn't done a podcast for a while)
By the Lakeside
Sew Sweet Violet
Knitting Envy
Brooklyn Knitfolk
Little Bobbins

The good thing about podcasts are that they make you aware of patterns, yarns, and notions that you may not have heard about otherwise.  The bad thing about podcasts are that they make you aware of patterns, yarns, and notion that you may not have heard about otherwise ... ;-)

Case in point:  The Knitter's Chatelaine.  These were mentioned on one of the above podcasts (Tea and Possibilities, I think), and I looked them up.  And then became obsessed.  I am going to treat myself to one for my birthday, I just have to decide which.  Actually, I think it's a brilliant idea.  Not that I don't have plenty of other little containers/bags for this kind of stuff. but these do appeal to me, and my birthday is coming up, so there!

What about you?  Do you have any podcasts that you like and/or recommend?  I'm still experimenting with most of the ones I come across, but I have found some that "click" with me (and some that definitely do not!).

Even better - do YOU have a podcast??  Let me/us know in the comments!

Unrelated to this topic, here is a photo my niece Lauren sent of her family.  If you have been reading my blog for any amount of time, you may remember when we went to Mexico for her wedding about 6 years ago.  Well now she and Ben have two kiddos (and she has a friend who is a professional photographer, so her photos are a lot different from the rest of the family's photos!).  So here are Lauren, Ben, Parker (5), and Ari (2) somewhere near where they live in the San Francisco area.  You can see that some of us clean up pretty well.  :-)

See you next time!


Araignee said...

I am hooked on political podcasts right now. The 451, Pod Save America etc. I can't listen to small talk these days. I've noticed even my taste in audiobooks has been rather grim. I just bought Grapes of Wrath. Sigh....
That is a lovely photo. Son and DIL also hire a professional photographer for their family photos. I have to say though I wouldn't trade my sorry old snaps of the kids for anything. Most of them are pretty hilarious.

Lorraine said...

Bridget- I like Knit British. The things that annoy about some podcasts are the giggling, laughing and inside jokes. You sometimes feel as if you've crashed a private party. No objection to fun, don't get me wrong.

I had no idea they made a knitters Chatelaine- very cool!

Vera said...

Well, thank you! Now I need/want a Chatelaine (I successfully stayed away from those in my heyday of stitching...but the knitting ones are smaller and just too darn cute). And now you've got me wanting to listen to podcasts. When will the laundry get done? Or the bathrooms cleaned? Who cares anyway? LOL.

Seriously, I've never listened to knitting podcasts (have listened to some NPR audio podcasts), but now I want to. Thanks for the suggestions.

And the weather - yuck! I know exactly what you mean. Although it is supposed to be warm today, I am freezing (tee-shirt dress & sweater, tights and boots and my office is frigid!!). And snow at the end of the week. At least we did get a bit of sun yesterday. I'm afraid the summer will be as you think...not fun.

Araignee mentioned Grapes of Wrath - I always forget about that book, but LOVE it.

Beautiful photo of your niece and family.

Tired Teacher said...

Check out the Sweet Georgia podcasts- several knitting episodes, but also weaving, spinning, etc.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I'm not a podcast person, but I can comment on the weather!

Apparently part of the reason a mild winter means a brutal summer is the lack of moisture. Basically, without all the snow to melt into the land, plants don't have enough moisture in the ground to keep them cool in the summer, so they "sweat" adding to the humidity we feel.

Or so I've read... I'll see if I can dig up the article I read it in - it explains it better than I can.

Kym said...

I have never really been a podcast fan . . . but now you've got me interested. Likewise, I have never had a chatelaine . . . but now you've got me interested! :-)

Kym said...

Oops - forget to mention . . . the photo of your niece and her family is just wonderful!

elns said...

I do like podcasts but I don't listen that often and don't have a lot I listen to. None knitting actually. My husband is alwyas pushing his favorites on me. But he likes depressing documentary and crime expose things. Things about bad things that happen in our world. I am over saturated with that right now and prefer to keep it light.

I love the family photo. It's definitely polished but they look like a lovely happy family regardless!

ps. I do like Internet radio shows.

Anonymous said...

I watch a few podcasts.

Sockmatician, Inside #23, and LoveSockWool are my favorites right now. I really MISS Along The Lanes. I wish Vero would start podcasting again.

Your niece has adorable kids!!! Great photo of them.

karen said...

gorgeous photos! thanks for the list of podcasts to try out.

AsKatKnits said...

I like podcasts - but prefer ones that are no more than 30 minutes. That being said - I have been ignoring podcasts and listening to Moby Dick while walking. It is wonderful and I am about half way through now!

Helena said...

I'm still very new to watching podcasts, so there must be many good ones I haven't found yet. I'll check out the ones on your list that I haven't watched yet :)
Some of my favorites are the Yarn Hoarder, Knitting Expat and Inside Number 23.
I definitely agree with what you said about the good and bad sides of podcasts :D So many new yarns and patterns, which is both good and... not so good... ;)

Nance said...

I'm with you: I vastly prefer listening rather than watching a podcast. It frees me up to do something else.

Never before heard/read of a Knitter's Chatelaine. They look clever, but not like something I need. At least not at the moment. But if you want one, certainly you should get it. There are such a lot to choose from.

Here in NEO, we've been having the odd winter as well. I'm not complaining. I detest sn*w, and we've had precious little thus far. Hope we're not In For It come April.

kathy b said...

Im so glad you created a list of your favorites. If I knew HOW to podcast, I might. Maybe there is a class for it?
THe photo of the gorgeous beach family is a joy to look at. They have so much good family time ahead of them!

I for one love AMy Beth the Fat Squirrel. She makes me laugh. She is a great story teller. She is a great knitter. But she is not for those who can't do quirky. She's nutty and I LOVE all her podcasts. She is a video podcast person. I treasure each notice that she has a new podcast available. Have you given her a try?