05 May 2017

Cinco for Friday-o

Yes, I know that is not the Spanish word for "Friday" - deal with it.

Hooray for Friday!  Hooray for Cinco de Mayo!  This has been a tough week, let me tell you.  It's always hard to come back after a vacation, so that was a given.  But I still have a cold, and the cough is just painful and relentless, and it's been hard to get a good night's sleep.  Then at work, I was called into the President's Office and lambasted for being rude to a "VIP" on a tour.  Last week, when I was in Puerto Rico.  Apparently my rudeness spans the time-space continuum.  I did mention that I was not here next week, and the response was "Nevertheless, remember to be polite in the future."  Grrrr.  Work is quite possibly the only place where I actually am so polite it is somewhat sickening.

Anyway, moving on.

So it's Friday, and it's Cinco de Mayo, and The Tim told me that tonight he is making guacamole.  Therefore, all is right with the world.  :-)  Guacamole cures all for me.

And now it's time for my Friday-o Cinco:

1.  Trumpcare.  I hope it is called that for all time, particularly since I know it annoys him.  I hope the Senate does something to prevent it passing altogether, especially since one of the meds I use twice a day, every single day could possibly go from $30.00 for a month's worth, to $420 a month.  But the real thing that upsets me is that it appears that it's more important for rich people to get their way, than for kindness to prevail.  I will never be OK with that.

2.  Jetsam.  Poor kitty, he had his teeth cleaned this week, and they had to pull a bunch of them, because he has tooth resorption, which I'd never heard of until they said Pip had it.  Anyway, he is fine, but you can tell he is uncomfortable.  I'm looking forward to giving him extra cuddles this weekend.  He is such a sweetie, and a good cat, that it is extra sad to see him not being his usual self.

3.  The Tim has to work both days this weekend, which sucks, but since the weather is supposed to be less than stellar, at least we're not missing prime outside time.  I have to say, I'm enjoying what actually seems like springtime weather for a change.  Usually we have a couple of day that make you happy, thinking spring has arrived, and then it's 90 degrees and humid for the duration.

4.  We went to see "Mark Twain Tonight!" with Hal Holbrook last night, and it was so great.  Holbrook is still doing the show, and he is 90 years old!  It was amusing, topical, poignant, and amazing that someone that age can still do a nearly two-hour, one-man show that is fresh and entertaining.  If you have to live that long, that has to be the best way to age.

5.  Knitting.  This weekend may be the weekend where things are tried, and hopefully even accomplished.  I am nearly done with sock #1 of my Mojito socks, so they are my happy knitting and consolation if other things don't work out well.  I may attempt the Afterthought Heel on my other pair of socks, and/or sewing together the blocked pieces of my Custom Fit sweater.  Before attempting either activity, I shall make certain there is plenty of wine in the house ...

What about you?  Are there at least 5 things that are rolling around in your brain today?  Now that I've shared those, I can concentrate on the important things rolling around in mine (a. the weekend, b. GUACAMOLE).

Whatever is rolling around in your brain, or whatever your weekend plans are, have a good one!

Oh ... and:


Araignee said...

That tequila kitty made me laugh!!! I am stuck dog sitting this weekend so me and the Golden don't have big plans for Cinco de Mayo which I love btw. I did pick up some Sangria for the duration. I am going to dash out to the MDSW tomorrow morning for a few hours. I am in N VA so I have no idea what that means traffic wise-and I forgot to pack the GPS. This should be an adventure.

As for the health care thing-Daddio could get tossed out of his nursing home if the Medicaid cuts pass. Yesterday I donated to all the dem candidates in swing districts for 2018. Let's just hope this horror flips the house.

Bonny said...

I can't help laughing about your alleged rudeness spanning the time and space continuum. Please try to be nicer at work when you're not at work. Happy Cinco de Mayo, now with more guacamole!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Wow... what a response from work when you correct their error. The gall of some people amazes me. I think the correct response would have been "Oh - I'm sorry, I must have been given the wrong information. My apologies."

We Canadians really feel for our southern neighbours right now.It absolutely amazes me that some Americans are proud of their stance on denying health care... and that it actually helps them win elections!!! We Canadians are generally a peaceful, polite lot, but you try to take our healthcare away and I think we'd go full riot!

Give Jetsam a cuddle for me.

Anonymous said...

I am absolutely TERRIFIED of what my medications will cost under TrumpDON'TCare. Two of my medications are biologics and that fact alone means they will NEVER go generic and therefore *somewhat* affordable.

Add to that, TWO conversations this week that were outright RACIST --- AND the fact that the people spouting that shit thought I was *onboard* with them and well................it's been kind of a sucky week!

Why the hell ANYONE voted for this asshat is beyond me and the fact that they STILL support him ..................it is beyond my comprehension.

I KNOW racism existed before Trump, but at least it *mostly* stayed in the closet and not right out in your face.

Thanks, TRUMP.

Tired Teacher said...

Trump wants to erase EVERYTHING that the Obamas did right down to the school lunch program. Trump is vindictive and just plain mean, and it makes me terribly sad that so many Americans think he is wonderful. My sister and her husband like Trump, so visiting with them is becoming quite strained.

Kym said...

Don't even get me STARTED on the health care situation. (Let's just leave it at this . . . my rep is the Evil Flip-Flop Asshat, Fred Upton. Yes. I hold him personally responsible for this entire mess now. Ugh.)
Let's talk about guacamole instead. Because I agree. Cure all. That . . . and margaritas!
Enjoy your weekend and give that kitty some extra love from me.

AsKatKnits said...

Happy Cinco de FRI-O!! And, bring on the guacamole! I likewise was stunned at the stunning lack of compassion so many have for those less fortunate than the multi-billionaires. It makes me sick to my stomach. May compassion take root in the Senate... or at least, may this evil bill lose.

Nance said...

Migraine is a pre-existing condition. My medications, without insurance, would cost me over 30,000 per month. My physical therapy for it would come under fire as well, and that is also over 1000 per month without insurances.

And thanks to the current administration's immigration policies and bombastic rhetoric, avocadoes for guacamole have doubled in price here.

Who will save us? Where is the Compassionate (and Sane) Cavalry?