01 October 2017

Hooray! An FO!!

Hello and Happy October!  I love this month for so many reasons, and the weather has cooperated here in Philadelphia this weekend by being sunny, cool, and crisp.  Sleeping under a cover, pulling on a sweater over my t-shirt in the evening - it's all good.

And to start things off, I have an FO for you today.  I finished these a couple of weeks ago, but had wait to get a decent photo to show them off.

Project:  Summertime Solar Socks
Pattern:  Solar (a free pattern on Ravelry)
Yarn:  Yarn Ink Classic Sock, colorway Beach Life
Needles:  US 1.5
Modifications:  I made the legs slightly longer than the pattern instructed
Notes:  This is a whole lot of YES for me.  I loved the pattern, I loved the yarn, and knitting these socks were truly enjoyable.  The pattern is easily memorized and not as complicated as you might think when you first begin.  I had never used any yarn from Yarn Ink before, and this yarn was not just pretty to look at, but so pleasant to knit with.  It was smooth, and not splitty at all.  I could completely understand anyone who wanted to build a sock stash of this yarn alone!

I now have 9 pairs of socks in my Box o' Socks for this year!  For me, that is an amazing feat, and I'm thrilled I've been able to do this.  Next, I'll be making my October socks.  I'm gonna use this yarn:

These socks will be my entry for Dee and Vera's I ♥ Fall KAL.  I've narrowed it down to two possible patterns.  You'll just have to stay tuned to see which one I choose ...

Here's hoping it's a good week ahead for all of us.  ;-)


Lilly's Mom said...

Congrats! They're beautiful socks and thank you for sharing the pattern link. You've been very busy knitting socks. I just finished a pair of Mercury Socks https://www.ravelry.com/projects/theknittednest/mercury-socks and it was such an enjoyable knit. I'm looking forward to seeing your next pair. Pat :)

Anonymous said...

THAT is the perfect yarn for some October knitting!

Your Solar socks are beautiful. Isn't it great when the pattern and the yarn go together so nicely?

Happy October!!!

Nance said...

All these abbreviations amongst the Knitty Class are a shorthand which eludes me. Does FO mean Finish(ed) Opus? Finish Off? Finally Over? Sigh. I encountered a couple others over at Vera's, too, that I still don't know.

In any case, gorgeous socks!

And a new blog header? Does it change, too? You're really greeting a new month with lots of energy.

The Well Fed Wheel said...

Love those Solar socks! In fact..I just put them in mt que. Can't wait to see what pattern you pick for the KAL.

Araignee said...

Woo hoo for finished socks!!!!

Vera said...

Very pretty finish Bridget. Your October yarn is Perfect!

Bonny said...

Great FO, wonderful October sock yarn plans, and beautiful new fall header photo!

Tired Teacher said...

The photo in your header is beautiful as are your finished socks.

karen said...

beautiful socks and I do love your blog header :) it is screaming FALL!

elns said...

Oooo, I see the love. I have already looked up your pattern. Your socks are fantastic. Can't wait to see how the Fall KAL goes!

handmade by amalia said...

I tried making socks once and know how much work is involved and fiddly work at that. Well done! Yours are so cozy and inviting and I do like the changing yarn.