18 October 2017

Projects, Projects Everywhere!

OK, not really - there are three.  But I wanted to use that title for this post.  

Today, after a few weeks of reading what others wrote but not participating myself, I'm back to Unraveled Wednesdays, with Kat.

The past couple of weeks have been weird for me - I had a lot of stuff to do around the house and was betwixt and between with a lot of my knitting and reading.  I enjoyed it, but didn't feel like saying much about it.  I read lovely comments on my blog, and still have not responded (one of my goals this week is to be caught up, so if I have a way to respond to you, look for a note from me), and I just moseyed along.  I think a large part of it was that my camera seemed to be dead, and it was no fun to write post about projects, but not show them.

The Tim finally took a good look at my camera, and determined it was not in fact dead - rather, a button had been pushed on it (when? where? whom? Probably me.) that turned off the display setting.  Hallelujah, I could take photos again!!!  

So I give you my latest projects:

#1  Little Pumpkins for the I ♥ Fall KAL sponsored by Dee and Vera.  I've wanted to make this pattern for a year or so, and finally got around to getting started.  It's somewhat fiddly, and that was annoying at the beginning, but now I kinda sorta have it memorized.  

#2  I've gone quite a ways past the bottom border of my Main Street sweater, which I have renamed my For the Birds sweater, for reasons I shall explain at another time.  Here it is below with bonus head appearance from Pip.

#3  This one is soveryclose to being finished - it's the neckband of my Cranberry Custom Fit sweater!  I need to determine what kind of bind off I want to use, so it will not stick up, and so it will also look nice. 

So no unraveling for me these days!

Reading-wise, I'm well into two books,  Forever Chic (really?) and Double-Booked for Death, which is better than I was expecting.  Once one of those is finished, I'm going to start my latest library book, Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine.   

What about you?  Knitting/reading anything particularly fun, good, bad?   I am really anxious to finish my sweater and actually wear it ... if it's ever cool enough, that is.  ;-)


sprite said...

Yay! We're Little Pumpkin buddies! I just started sock #2 last night.

Bonny said...

Your sweater looks wonderful! Maybe if you finish it, the weather will magically cool down to real fall sweater-wearing temps? (Along the lines of "if you build it, they will come") I also wonder why a camera would even have a button like that? I sincerely hope it's not just to confuse those of us who would accidentally push it and end up buying a new camera ...

Araignee said...

The knitting gods have been kind to you I see!
I've got my KAL's in good shape at the moment but the sweater I started is languishing. Lost the mojo after about 2 inches. I just bought a slew of audio books and lost interest in them as soon as I downloaded them. I think I am in a funk.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I have hit that same button on my camera and messed it up!
The other day I dropped mine on the lens and seemed to have screwed it - the focus wasn't working - in manual or automatic. I figured I'd have to get a new lens... but then a few hours later I picked it up and it was working again. It seems like its a touch fussy now - but I can make do... at least until I get a new lens.

Kym said...

You remind me that I haven't gotten my "real" camera out for a very, very long time! (And not because of a unintended button push, either.) I've been thinking of getting it out and dusting it off again. . . but my phone camera is so convenient!!!! Your projects look like fun! :-)

Lorraine said...

Bridget- I couldn't help but notice that I have a bag in that knitting witch fabric too!

Tired Teacher said...

I now use my phone for taking photos. Hmm, I don't even know where my camera is anymore. How fun that Pip photobombed your lovely sweater.

I like casting off in purl: I like the edge it creates.

Anonymous said...

Once I got the hang of Little Pumpkins, it was fun.

Glad there was no unraveling this week.

AsKatKnits said...

Lots of great knitting! Wow! And, can I just say I LOVE that red sweater!! I am not sure this will help, but if you want a super stretchy bind off, then the Icelandic Bind Off is EXCELLENT. (YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XSl13_gHlT0)

karen said...

that orange sock is screaming my name!!