09 February 2018

It's Friday. I'm Not Complaining.

Ahhh, Friday, I do love thee with all of my heart and soul!  Your arrival means the weekend will start as soon as I leave the building where I work, and that is always a good thing.

Admittedly, I did have the day off yesterday, but still, Friday is the best.  :-)

This has been quite a week, I gotta tell you.  And I also have to warn you that you will be faced with one more post about the Philadelphia Eagles, in the form of our day at the celebration parade.  But I don't have my photos sorted out yet, so that will likely be this weekend.  In summary, it was a blast and even The Tim enjoyed it.   ("Look!  It's Colin Wentz!" [more about that below])

Monday I must admit I was running on fumes - but then again, so was nearly everyone else in the city.  Wednesday afternoon I left work an hour early to go to my appt with the endodontist.  Not only was I leaving work early to go to the endodontist, but it was POURING cold, icky rain.  Somehow that seemed appropriate, but it was nonetheless not something I was looking forward to doing.  As it turned out, he determined that the tooth in question did not need a crown replacement, rather it needed to come out altogether and then be replaced by an implant.  So now my teeth are turning against me, how unfair!  Yesterday we had the day off work because of the parade, and today all of sudden it's Friday!  At least the week has ended on a high.  :-)

I've gotten a lot of reading done, and am finally finishing up that sock - just a little bit more of the leg to go, and then the toe - yay!  Yesterday after we got home and were watching the rest of the festivities on TV, I also swatched for my Next Big Project, which I hope to cast on during the Olympics Opening Ceremonies tonight.  Right now, it's at home drying after soaking and being blocked.  I hope my gauge is good, so I can actually start it, but that remains to be seen.  :-)

As for the weekend, tomorrow is going to be busy, and then Sunday I'm on my own, as The Tim will be working.  It's supposed to be a rainy day here on Sunday, so I'll probably stay put with the kitties.

BTW, if you have sent me an e-mail for any reason in the last 10 days or so, and haven't heard back, I'm not ignoring you - we just found out that our Internet provider has been dealing with a glitch in our area where some things have gone through and others have not.  They told us it should be resolved today at some point.  I've been able to receive and respond to blog comments, but haven't gotten a lot of other stuff (except spam which of course always seems to get through).  I'm sure your message will show up once things are working again, and I promise to respond!

So now for the story about The Tim and his sports knowledge.  Of the two of us, I am more interested in sports in general than he is - he pays enough attention to follow things in general, but doesn't always keep things straight.  Enter two football player that have been talked about a lot this year:  Colin Kaepernick, who was the person who first knelt during the national anthem to protest social injustice, and Carson Wentz, the Eagles' quarterback who zoomed through the season and then was hurt towards the end.

This is Colin Kaepernick:

This is Carson Wentz:

The Tim keeps getting them mixed up (hence the "Colin Wentz" comment above.)  As you can see/tell, for most of us, they have the following in comnon:  1) they are both male, 2) they both play football, 3) they both have the first initial C.  But The Tim either cannot remember which is which, or he combines them into one incorrect person.

It's been an interesting football season in our house.  :-)

Have a good weekend!


Vera said...

LOL - at least he can combine their names...I didn't even know them!

Sorry about your tooth...not fun. Your next project looks wonderful - you must show yarn soon.

PS Wanna meet in Lansdale with me and Dee on the 24th???????

Judy S. said...

Sorry about that tooth! I used to think crowns lasted forever...NOT! (Ask me how I know!) Have a great weekend. Love your new project, especially the shoulder detail.)

Caffeine Girl said...

I had that same experience at the endodontist in December. I haven't decided about the implant yet, but I see my dentist next week. I hate dental work, so I'm hoping he'll tell me I'm old enough to forgo the the implant.

Patty said...

Have a nice weekend! I'm headed to a fiber event at the Boston Public Market on Sunday. Should be fun!

Kym said...

Oh, my goodness. Now I'll be chuckling about Tim's mix-up all afternoon!
Such fun, Bridget!
Have a great weekend.

sprite said...

That's hilarious.

I'm sorry about your tooth. Good luck with it!

Lilly's Mom said...

I thought about you last Sunday and wanted to send my congratulations. I know nothing about football but still watched the game. Enjoy your weekend knitting! Pat :)

Araignee said...

I never expected to ever see Kaepernick show up in a knitting blog. I follow him on Twitter and I have to say he is a remarkable young man. The NFL's loss.

Anonymous said...

Wish you could join us tomorrow --- but, I understand it is a long way to go and due to the email issue --- it is short notice.

Hope the tooth thing goes smoothly. It certainly doesn't sound like fun at all.

Wishing you a good weekend too and a restful Sunday.

Mereknits said...

That is such a funny story about The Tim and the mix up. Colin K isn't even playing right now! Okay.glad your team won although I have to admit if the Packers aren't playing I am not that involved. Glad you had fun.

Nance said...

So much going on in your Life. And what a good girl you are, swatching so diligently. Sigh. I feel chastised.

I am crossing my fingers (since I cannot cross my teeth!) for your dental work.

karen said...

I am sorry about your tooth, I hate teeth worries. Hopefully he is skillful and you will be sailing through the process. email issues are not fun at all!