21 February 2018

Words and Stripes

Hello there - it's Wednesday, so we've just about gotten this week under our belts.  Yesterday and supposedly today, it's supposed to be in the mid- to high 70s, so we are getting a little bit of spring to tide us over.  Of course, on my way to work, I was behind two girls who looked to be in their 20s, and they were both dressed in tank tops, shorts, and flip flops.  One said to the other, "Now that the weather has changed, I spent last night putting away all of my winter clothes.  It felt so good!"  I can only wonder if it will still feel good when it goes back to being winter.  Then again, who am I to judge?  Maybe she's a glass half-full person ...

At the moment, I'm working on two knitting projects (soon to be three).  One is not really that photographically interesting, as it's just plain stockinette for a while on a darkish blue yarn.  Not much to see, and even harder to photograph.  So for Unraveled Wednesday, I'm sharing the other project, my Vanilla Valentine Socks in progress:

As you can see, one is ready to have the heel turned, and the other nearly at the heel flap.  Since the yarn is so happily stripey, I'm just making plain vanilla socks.  The yarn is from Must Stash, and I've had it in my stash for a year or so.  The colorway is Be Mine, which I think is appropriate for February, don't you?  I do have to say that I had forgotten how much fun it is with self-striping yarn to watch the stripes unfold!

I'm also currently involved with two books - the one above, that being a language and word nerd, I am loving!  I can however, easily see that for a lot of people, it would be a total slog.

I've also just started The Amber Spyglass in audio form.  I'd read the two earlier books in this series, but had never gotten to this one.  And since the author just published a prequel which I'd like to read, I decided it was time to finish the series.  I'm not very far into it yet, but am enjoying it already.

And what have you been up to, knitting- and reading-wise?   Anything you particularly love in either area?


Anonymous said...

You know darn well she's going to have to yank those clothes back into rotation. Winter isn't over .... it still has a few tricks up its sleeve.

Love your happy stripey socks.

Reading Eat, Pray, Love (STILL) --- not my usual genre, but keeping me entertained for now. Still knitting my Eagles socks and really looking forward to something a little brighter next.

No knitting for the five days I was sick really put me behind.

Vera said...

LOVE your Valentine stripy socks - so pretty and cheerful. They are just FUN.

The Word By Word book looks really good to me - checked it out on amazon and it sounds like it could be a hoot (but, then, I'm a wordy nerd as well).

AsKatKnits said...

Oooo!! I want to read Word by Word! I am excited to hear what you think of it! And, I love those stripey socks!

Bonny said...

I love your stripey socks! They look like perfect knitting for our weird warmth in February -- cheerily springlike for mid-70s, and equally cheery for when winter returns. You and I know it will, and I hope those young women don't get frostbite in their flip flops in a week or two.

sprite said...

I, too, have never gotten around to the final book in that series and have been contemplating doing so given Pullman's new book. Maybe I'll bump it up TBR mountain.

Glad to hear you're enjoying Word by Word!

Tired Teacher said...

Self-striping yarn is fun to knit (hmm, probably 90% of my sock yarn is self-striping) and I ❤️ your Valentine socks! They are cheerful and just plain fun.

I've "read" a lot of books recently (see my post today) - all of my recent reads are audio. Oops.

Araignee said...

Those stripes make me so happy!!!!

Caffeine Girl said...

70s? It is still hat and mitten weather in Wisconsin, I'm happy to say!

I read the first book in that series and loved it, but not enough to read the whole series. I only read three Harry Potter books. I seem to have a limited attention span for fantasy.

Love those happy stripey socks!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Those are very cheerful socks!

karen said...

I agree with the self striping, there is a joy! I wish yarn stores that I go to would carry more of it, it seems indie dyers have it the most. The book looks interesting just by the title.