01 March 2019

Let's Begin a New Month with Some Letters

The first day of March, which is one of my most favorite months of the year!  It's snowy and becoming slushier by the moment here in Philadelphia, but it's Friday, and it's the first of March, so as far as I'm concerned, it's all good.

Having said that, I have decided to start the month off with some Friday letters.


Dear Bryce Harper:

So you are now one of the Phillies.  Good for you.  I do think you have talent, but I gotta say, I'm not a fan on a personal level.  You strike me as grand example of a douchebag bro.  I doubth that - or you - will change, but at least I hope you help the Phillies win.  However, should you turn a team that seems to be a bunch of relatively nice sporting nerds into other douchebag bros, I'm the least of your worries, because other Philadelphia residents will straighten you out with no hesitation.  Welcome to Philadelphia - the City of Brotherly Love that is not in any way for the faint of heart.


Dear Bernie Sanders:

Jesus Christ on a snowmobile, WHY do you feel the need to run for president again?  Look, I agree with a lot of your concerns and ideas, but seriously, dude.  Just stop.


Dear Hamlet:

I love you beyond words, but I wish you could understand that when you are allowed on the bed for a few minutes in the morning before we get up to go for a walk, that it would be more fun for me if you didn't feel the need to park on top of my chest.  I enjoy being able to breathe, and 80 pounds of you makes it quite challenging.


Dear Knitting Podcasters:

Thank you for your company these past few months when I couldn't knit.  It was nice to have you around, particularly on the days I was stuck at home and didn't feel like reading.


And that's it for me.  Do you you have any letters you'd like to share??

Have a good weekend!


Nance said...

Wonderful! I might share some of my own Letters over at the Dept.!

Bonny said...

Dear Bryce,
I don't know who you are, but apparently you're a decent baseball player, and you're also quite expensive. I hope you enjoy your stay. (What I really mean is that I hope Philadelphia is still this happy about having you around 13 years from now.)

Dee said...

Nope ... you about covered it. ;-) (Especially the Bryce Harper thing. Seriously! Nobody is worth that much money.)

Vera said...

Love the Bernie letter!!

Araignee said...

You nailed Bernie but good. Love it. Biden needs the same. As for Harper, this area is in shock over losing him. He may be a douchebag but he was our star douchebag. As I heard a local reporter say this morning about it...."oh, hell to the no." We are all deeply in mourning here. Lol....

AsKatKnits said...

I laughed... especially at that Dear Bernie letter!! Haha!

And, I love a dog who has no clue that their size would be any kind of an impediment for anything, and just loves you with abandon!

Kym said...

Love your letters! Thanks so much for opening your Friday mailbag. XO

Mereknits said...

If you send that to Bernie can I sign my name too?

Caffeine Girl said...

Love your letters! I second you on Bernie.
I don't know how you survived without knitting. You must be glad that's over!

karen said...

I enjoy knitting podcasts even though I still knit :) Your Bernie letter had me grinning - you are a funny bunny!!