30 July 2019

Tiny Needle Tuesday

Before (bee-fore?) I write anything more, let me say thank you again to everyone for your kind comments and your participation in Christmas in July.  It made me happy to know that you enjoyed it and thought it was a good idea.  I have to say, it really helps me in the hot weather, to think about a time when it will be much more to my liking.  I'm hoping to make it an annual event.  :-)

OK, on to the business at hand, aka Tiny Needle Tuesday.  As you can see below, I have now completed the other half of my honeybee's body, and started on part of a wing.  I got all of that accomplished on Sunday and Monday evenings, while The Tim was reading aloud from the second of the Patrick O'Brian novels.  I find that I can work on this and still keep up with what he is reading, so it's a pleasant way to spend time.  I am hoping that when this is finished, I can figure out the best way to put it in some kind of frame and hang it in the craft room/office/junk room.  (And yes, I am working on eliminating the "junk room" part, but that is a slow process.)

As I was stitching on this last night, I was also remembering how, when my niece Amanda was a little girl, she started calling me BridgieHoney, which morphed into Honeybeebee somehow.  Then her younger sister picked it up, and for a while that was my name.  After The Tim came into the picture, our mutual name became BridgetandTim - as in, "BridgetandTim do you want to go to the playground?"  It didn't matter which one of us they were talking to, we just had a morphed unified name.  Not as glamorous as say, Brangelina, but pretty amusing nonetheless.

Back to stitching, I have a question for you.  I am hoping to work on the witchy/Halloween-themed cross-stitch for Amanda once I finish this.  I was hoping to find some light to medium gray cloth to use, so that I could have the words and images in blacks, browns, and oranges.  I've checked at A.C. Moore, which is not that far from our house, and they only have white or cream cloth.  Have any of you found a place where you can order "colors" of cloth?  If so, please let me know in the comments.  If I don't find it, I will just go with white or cream cloth, but figured it was worth asking all of you.

Here's hoping your day goes well.  I am currently cooling off at my desk before starting my work day, and hoping that by the end of  the day, I don't feel so damp with sweat - ugh!


Vera said...

Your Bee is coming along nicely! So cute. So, you and Tim are reading out loud? You know, Fletch and I do that after dinner. I love that time together.

Check 123Stitch.com - they have a large selection of fabrics.

AsKatKnits said...

I have a piece of medium grey linen (16x20-ish) that I would be thrilled to send to you.

**and I think BridgetandTim is much better than Brangelina, just saying. (and I'd hazard a guess that you are both much nicer too!)

Nance said...

Ah, I am jealous! Rick is NOT a book person. He has not read an entire book in his whole life. Sadly, that is not something that we share. How lovely to have your husband read aloud whilst you stitch!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I'm loving that bee!

Araignee said...

Love the bee!!!
I get all my stitching stuff from 123 Stitch. They have a huge selection, great prices and fairly fast shipping.

Kym said...

I just love your bee -- as well as your name-stories. (I think I shall think of you as HoneyBeeBee from now on.) I don't do cross stitching (anymore) so I don't have any good suggestions for you regarding the gray fabric. I will say . . . that we have a local needlecraft shop that sells all things cross stitch, including by-the-inch cross stitch fabric in a variety of colors and sizes. Is there any kind of specialty shop nearby that might sell cross stitch fabric by the inch? (It's nice when you don't have to buy way more than you need. . .)

Shirley said...

Your bee looks wonderful! I have not cross stitched for years so have no advice on availability of fabric. I am looking forward to seeing that project as it progresses since fall is my favorite time of the year. Love the names your nieces used for you and your husband. That is just so sweet!

kathy b said...

Well, I love your bee. I m sorry I can't help with the colors background question

Dee said...

Locally you can find a good selection at:

Strawberry Sampler (near Chadd's Ford) or Ye Old Stitchery (in Bristol). Both carry linen and aida in colors.

Online I usually use Stitches 'n Things out of Fenton, Michigan.