22 May 2023

And Now I'm Kind Of Obsessed

Hello and Happy Monday! (I don't know if that's a thing. But I hope your day goes well, in any case.) 

We had a good weekend, nothing big, but everyone was in a decent mood, and yesterday especially the weather was lovely. It was busy at the yarn shop, but not crazy, so that was good.

Today I'm getting my hair cut, and I'm looking forward to it. It's time to go super short for the summer, so even though it's already what most people think of as short hair, a lot of it is getting cut off. 😀

Then I have a couple of small things I want to do, before I sit down to knit for a while. Right now, I'm working on a summer top and I must admit to being kind of obsessed with knitting it. I'm almost at the point where it will be joined in the front to make a V-neck:

I'm loving this so far! I did have to do a lot of ripping back and re-doing with the increases on the sleeves, but at last I'm on track. The stripes are making me happy, and I like these two yarns together. The coral-ish is some really deep stash yarn from MadelineTosh called Pink Grapefruit, and the lighter shade is a new acquisition, Fiberstory Fave Sock in the Barely colorway. I really didn't have enough of the Pink Grapefruit to do a whole top, and I didn't like anything else I had with it, so I could justify buying the other yarn in order to get some stashbusting accomplished. 

I'm knitting the Rock It Tee, and skipping the mohair for the alternating stripes because a) I want to be able to wear this in warmer weather, and b) because I'm just not that much of a mohair person. I like my version much better, LOL!

I started a couple of other things, but right now this is the one I want to work on all of the time. Which is fine, because maybe I'll actually finish it and be able to wear it in the time of year it is supposed to be made to wear! Of course, I'm also seeing this as something that would be fine under a blazer, a sweater, etc. in cooler weather. So I think it will be something really useful in my wardrobe.

And that's it from here for right now. I hope you have a project that is making you happy, and that the week treats us all well.


Kim in Oregon said...

I'm loving the colors on the top! Have a good haircut!

Vera said...

I was thinking watermelon when I saw your soon-to-be a sweater, but pink grapefruit is a perfect name for that yarn. Lovely Bridget!

KSD said...

The top is certainly Summery, and I'm glad you're enjoying it.

"Skipping the Mohair" would be a good title for a book. What genre, though? Mystery? Autobiography? Graphic novel?

Kym said...

I can absolutely see why you're kind of obsessed! That's going to be fabulous summer top, Bridget. I love those colors! (And I always think stripes knit up so much faster than solid colors!) XO

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Love that shade of pink!

Nance said...

Love those stripes. It looks fun to knit. And what a great name for that colourway.

Araignee said...

What is it with mohair? Every knitting vlog I watch lately has people adding a strand of mohair to everything. Not only is it expensive but the mohair I've encountered can be rather itchy. I don't get it.

karen said...

that is one beautiful stripy knit!!

Dee said...

So pretty. Loving those stripes.