29 February 2024

Happy Leap Day!


For reasons I am not certain make sense, Leap Day pleases me. Maybe because it makes no sense in some ways, but in the overall sense of time we have it. And of course I am fascinated at the idea of only having your *actual* birthday date happen every four years. But in any case, I hope your Leap Day is a good one.

In about an hour, two guys are going to come and do final measurements for a new front door. Because of course our door is not a standard size and will have to be custom made. We have nothing custom-made for our persons, but our door will be custom-made. Seriously. We have the estimate and although it's a lot of money (who knew doors were so expensive? Not us!), it will be nice to have a new door that looks nice and is not drafty. Exciting times around here, people, exciting times.

Now for a dryer update. Good news: It is not only in the house, but is now hooked up to the electricity! Bad news: The venting still needs to be resolved because of course the old vent was no longer working. But The Tim said he got the stuff to install a new vent and get it working. So theoretically, I could be able to do laundry tomorrow and/or on Saturday, which is both a relief and quite exciting.

I tell ya, our lives are just one big thing after another these days, it's hard to keep up.

However, all of these things are making Alfie's life so much better. As far as he's concerned, the more workmen that come to the house and have to be here for a while, the better!  I was telling my friend Lisa that when the electricians came to hook up the dryer to the electrical supply, Alfie was in a bliss. When they went to leave, he followed them out of the house into the rain and then to their truck! Of course then we had about half an hour of him crying at the front door and pawing to get out, because they had left. So she saw this and sent it to me, and it cracked me up.

At least today he will have some chances to "assist" the people coming for door measurements, and I tried to tell him that the electricians would be back in late March for two whole days to rewire a bunch of stuff, but sadly, cats have no sense of the future. I guess it will be a nice surprise for him?

And that's the news from here. I hope your week is going well - I know Vera's is ending on a good note - congratulations, Vera! 

Enjoy leaping around today, and I'll check in tomorrow. 🐸


Wanderingcatstudio said...

When we had the windows done, we also had them do an estimate for the door to the sunporch - it's just a thin wood door with a multi-paned window - The type of door that would require a storm door in front of it if it was out in the elements.
Dave wanted something more secure like the steel doors that are at the side and front... the quote for the door (installed) was almost $2000! And it wasn't a special size! In fact, it was more expensive than the sliding patio door that we got them to make and install.
Dave and I agreed him and my dad could get a standard one at Home Depot and install it themselves for much less. We're hoping to do that this summer. However, had it been a custom size, we would have been paying that $2K. So I feel your pain!

Alfie sounds like Lemmy - he just has to come and check out everyone who comes in. And yell at them. Burton comes too, but he's much more aloof. They may look and admire, but not touch!

Kim in Oregon said...

I remember when we were building this house and I had all kinds of dreams of adorable craftsman style doors for our front door (a standard door, not even a special order) and then I found out how much they cost! I was floored! So we have a boring flimsy door and I dream of a new heavy door that people can use the door knocker on and it doesn't fall off!

Kym said...

My Brian . . . was due to be born on February 29. I thought it would be exciting to have a Leap-Day-Baby. Brian, however, had other plans and was born 10 days early! What was amazing to me (and it really shouldn't have surprised me at all) was how OPINIONATED other people were when they heard that my due-date was February 29. Most just recoiled in horror . . . many told me to do whatever I could so that I didn't ruin my child's life with a Leap Day birthday. People are . . . weird, y'know? (And I was shocked to find out how much doors cost when we replaced ours a couple of years ago. Can't wait to see your new door!!!)

Araignee said...

Whenever we have workmen in the house I won't see any of my cats for days. You'd think the aliens had landed.

KSD said...

A nice sandwich --- 😂