17 May 2007


I fear that I am currently a victim of malaise, both knitting and otherwise. The past couple of weeks or so, I have thought a lot about knitting, and read lots of blogs and magazines related to knitting, but have not knit a stitch. It's pretty much the same with the non-knitting part of my life too. I can't exactly put my finger on the cause. As a result, I am deciding who to blame. I'm not really in the mood to blame myself, so someone else will just have to pay. It's the risk the world takes, what can I say?

I have, however, in the past month or so, signed up to participate in a few things, and hopefully this weekend, I'll have the latest one added to my sidebar.

I signed up for Sockapalooza 4, because it sounded like it would be fun, and I know I can finish a pair of socks by August for my swap partner. I have already contacted her a couple of times anonymously, and have chosen the yarn I want to use for her socks. As soon as the malaise lifts, I'll actually cast on and get started!

I also joined the Charmed Knits knitalong, and have so far completed one beanie in Gryffindor colors, and started a beret in the same colors. (I had yarn left over from making a Gryffindor scarf for Sebastian a couple of years ago.) I will post a picture or two, once I have the beret completed. I'm hoping to also do one or two other hats in other House colors, but will need to actually purchase yarn for that. So I'm waiting until I'm finished with Gryffindor before moving on.

Another one is Runagogo, which I am enjoying because a) it is motivating, and b) it introduced me to Google Pedometer (which I must admit has become somewhat of an obsession). Anyway, I really think I will be able to log 100 miles by July 4, and am quite proud of myself as I have already walked/bicycled 57.14 miles! (And I'm not counting my walks back and forth to work, since I do that everyday as part of my normal routine ...)

And finally, the Knitters Tea Swap 3, where my swap partner is from Finland! I think it will be fun to find some goodies to send her. (Carol, do you think Tastykakes would cause an international incident???)

Until my blahs hit, I was zipping right along with all of these, so hopefully I can get back in gear sooner rather than later.

In other news, I took a thorough look at the Charmed Knits book, which I have really been anticipating. I know I may be the only one who feels this way, but personally, I was underwhelmed. There was a chapter in the book with patterns I would probably try, but otherwise, I found it uninspiring. Which is disappointing, because I was really looking forward to buying a copy. So I will probably stick with my Hogwarts scarves, House Elf socks, and now also the hat patterns that are available in the knitalong, and let everyone else knit the patterns in the book.

And, the good news, tomorrow is Friday ...


Carol said...

I'm suffering the same thing, except the only I did do was knit. I thought you were talking to me about the Tasty Cakes;) Go ahead, cause the sensation! Here, I can't get the pies, juniors and the TandyTakes were recently introduced. ahhhhh!!!!

barbp said...

Oh no. I hope when my knitting motivation returned to me I didn't steal yours. It seems it's spreading around. I hope your world returns back to it's axis soon. I hate feeling unsettled so I'm sending you lots of good wishes.

Kathleen Dames said...

I've got a little bit of the malaise, too, though I'm working through it with stash enhancement and blog-reading ;) It may pass now that I've acquired almost 600 yds of gorgeous blue mohair - I'll try to post a pic for inspiration. Very cool about 100 miles - great job!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear of your malaise, hopefully you are back in form by now. I think it must be in the air, or something. I have been knitting but am unable to finish anything...well, except for things I'm unhappy with. I've also compensated by indulging in stash enhancement. Hope this resolves itself soon as I have much birthday, sockapalooza, and other knitting to do. As much as I love Harry Potter, I have no desire to knit HP-inpsired items, so haven't looked at the book. BTW, cute kittie!