17 December 2007

Christmas Still-To-Do-List

Well, this time next week, it will be just a matter of hours until Santa will be stopping at our house to deliver presents. I think we've all been good this year, so hopefully there won't be any coal-filled stockings. (Though I must admit, I hope he goes with Tess' alternate requests ...)

I am doing pretty well, since most of the gifts I had for friends and family were going to be sent, and the last boxes went out today. Amazingly, the boxes that were mailed last Thursday, that were traveling the longest distance, have already all been received!

But there are still things left on the to-do-list, named here in no particular order:

1. Bake more cookies! Especially some spritz, or cut out sugar cookies, as those are what really seem like Christmas cookies to me.

2. Wrap gifts for The Tim and the kitties. Because they don't need to get shipped, they usually are done at the last minute. I have decided this year, I'll get it done before the afternoon of Christmas Eve!

3. Wrap gifts for co-workers and Secret Santa pal. This has to be done by Friday, since that is our last day of work before the Christmas break. Let's see, the next two nights we will be out, maybe I should be working on them now? Nah.

4. Attend Sebastian's holiday concert at his school. This is on the calendar for Wednesday night. We are looking forward to it, especially since it's the last time we'll get to see him until New Year's or after, since he and his mom are headed to Oaxaca, Mexico, on Friday evening.

5. Make sure I have ingredients for Holiday Cheeseball. This may be the most important thing I have to do every Christmas. My mother was not much of a cook, but she made a cheeseball every Christmas, and it is yummy! Apparently, my sisters are both physically unable to make one, and I think that is the only reason they miss getting together at Christmas ... ;-) My niece Amanda has taken on the honor for her generation, so at least one family group has a proper Christmas celebration, even if The Tim and I are not there!

6. Dig out recipe for Christmas Eve Risotto. The Tim always has to work on Christmas Eve, and does not get home until around 7:00 in the evening (thankfully the bookstore does not stay open late on Christmas Eve!). A few years back, he found a recipe for risotto that has broccoli rabe and red pepper in it, which of course means Christmas colors, hence Christmas Eve Risotto!

7. Put Christmas cards on the door. We have French doors leading out to the garden, and ever since the first year we have lived here, I've always taped our Christmas cards on it, and it looks extra festive. But I can't do it until we have received the "right" number of cards. How many cards is that? I have no idea. There is just a point when I know it's time to hang them up ...

8. Take a walk through the neighborhood, and enjoy the decorations. Since I am fortunate enough to not usually be running around like a crazy person at the last minute, I love to go out and take a walk, and look at the decorations, both on individual houses, and at the stores. I enjoy the hustle and bustle when I am not required to be buying something!

9. Brush the cats. Because they want to look their best for Santa!

10. Put on my pjs, turn out the lights, and sit with a drink to enjoy the Christmas tree lights with The Tim and the kitties. One of the very best parts of Christmas Eve, and the whole holiday season.


teabird said...

Risotto with broccoli rabe? Divine!

Carrie K said...

Cheeseball! Yum!

Wrap your presents? What does that mean? lol.

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

It all sounds wonderful. What a lot of special traditions to enjoy. I particularly enjoy looking at houses with Christmas lights and eating Christmas cookies. Musn't forget to watch the classic How the Grinch Stole Christmas. I sometimes think Mr Puffy has a look of that little dog. I also like to tease Steve and just have to say "and then his heart grew 10 times it's normal size" to make my point.

Brigitte said...

Ooo, that cheeseball and the risotto sound yummy!

And I agree with Carrie - gift wrapping? What is this?!

(Can you tell I'm a gift bag girl?!)

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful to do list. I hope you get everything you wish for this year.


Sue V said...

What a nice way to celebrate!

Ann said...

Wow, the risotto sounds great! I might put a request in for that to be our Christmas eve dinner here as well ...

Carol said...

Sounds like a great tradition you guys have there :) Hope you're feeling great and are having fun! This year, I actually get a Christmas break too!