04 December 2009

Twenty-One and Counting ...

Today's post is brought to you by the Doughboy ornament that goes onto our tree each year.  This year's tree should be chosen in the next few days, and it will be time to revisit our ornaments and decorations, which is so much fun!

Yesterday it was freaky warm here, but in the end it was a good thing.  I have been meaning to clean up leaves, branches, etc. outside of our house for months, and always found a reason why I couldn't (didn't have time, needed to read something, too cold - you get it).  Well, in anticipation of decorating, I didn't want the outside to look like some kind of white-trash-hillbilly-house where they tried to class it up with a wreath, so inspired by the weather, I headed out to get to work.  Five bags o' crap later, I was finished!  (Five bags - and we don't even have a yard, just the street in front!)  Now our house looks worthy of the holidays, and like someone actually lives here. 

Just another reason to love Christmas, as far as I'm concerned.  :-)

Today, however, is another story.  I am, shall we say, paralyzed with soreness somewhat stiff from using muscles I either don't use or haven't used recently.   So I plan to work on things around the inside of the house that will still keep me moving, but won't make moving tomorrow even more difficult.

But enough about me. 

Or not.  Remember my post from months ago where I said I wasn't going to try and knit everyone something for Christmas this year?  Well, I'm still not doing that, but have decided to knit a few Christmas and birthday gifts, because I do enjoy it, but also because being totally unemployed does tend to cut into your budget.  And the mortgage company would not likely be understanding if I said I couldn't make January's payment because I needed the money for gifts.  (What's that about anyway?)  So I have done some stash-diving, and have slightly more than half of the items I wanted to make, knit.  I did break down and buy yarn for a gift for The Tim, but he is an exception as far as gifts go anyway.

At the moment, I cannot show you any of my creations, since the recipients or members of their families read the blog on occasion.  I am hoping to have them listed on Ravelry by the end of the weekend, so if you absolutely must know what I am knitting, you can check my projects page there.  Elstwise, you just have to wait until they have been given.

Patience is a virtue, after all.  And one I don't generally have.

OK, on to today's activities.  Hope your December is going well!

It is Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air.
~W.T. Ellis



Marie said...

Just watch how you talk about white-trash-hillbillies. I come from a long line of same...LOL!

Nice post. You are so industrious, working in the "yard" and knitting gifts. You go, girl!

Jenn said...

What if you offered to make the mortgage company a gift?

Kathleen Dames said...

Of course The Tim is the exception. He's exceptional!

SissySees said...

Can't wait to see the ornament(s). I really think that's my favorite thing about Christmas!

Mistrmi said...

"Elstwhile". . . Who says blogging can't improve one's vocabulary?

UnderMeOxter said...

Your Christmas spirit is contagious! I'm knitting Christmas ornaments as gifts too but now I actually *feel* Christmassey doing it.

The danger with slagging hill-billies is that you may suffer "re-intarnation" and come back as one!