29 December 2011

Previously on The Ravell'd Sleave ...

I shared our Christmas Eve activities with you.  Christmas Day itself was even better, consisting of presents, stockings, and major amounts of relaxation - never bad for any holiday, if you ask me.

This ceramic decoration was one of the gifts sent to us from our great-nieces and nephew, who live in Tucson, Arizona.  Their mom, Liesl, is a really creative person, and always sends gifts that are such fun to receive!  They usually involve their hands and/or feet, so we have items that show how they have all grown from year to year, which is so cool, since we seldom get to see them in person.  This couple of Santas on a sleigh are actually the hands and thumbs of Lola and Omi, and the sleigh is Jude's foot!  Pretty imaginative, I think.

The real Santa brought Dug the Dog a huge rawhide bone, which was quite exciting.  He could not wait for The Tim to unwrap it for him, then he put it in his mouth, and suddenly started looking around very worried.  This picture is of what has been come to be known as The Great Christmas Bone Hiding Incident.

I guess his instinct was to bury the bone, but as we were in the house, choices were limited.  So he worked his way under the tree (yowza!), pushed all of the items in the Nativity scene to the back of the creche, placed the bone, and then pulled the Christmas tree skirt around to cover it!

We were highly amused, he was quite proud of himself, and the cats were appalled.

Jetsam and Pip got a scratching post toy, and some catnip mice, which were quite exciting.  As if often the case, though, things got a little rough while playing with it ...

Look!  What is this?

 Oooh, fun!

 Hey! Stop!

Aren't we cute???

So there was quite a bit of fun and hi-larity at our house on Christmas Day; there usually is.  This is part of the reason that we love Christmastime so much - we do our own thing, and it's just what we like.  Yes, it would be so nice to get to see our families for Christmas (and we always used to be able to do that, it was great!), but having to stay here because of The Tim's work schedule means that we've had the chance to make our own traditions and have the kind of day we want, and that is a wonderful kind of choice to have.

That's it for now, time to get the evening underway, and it looks to be pretty exciting - paying some bills, making the Holiday Cheeseball, and taking Dug the Dog for a walk.  Don't say you aren't jealous, I won't believe you ...


Lorraine said...

Bridget- That's what it's all about- doing your thing.

Have a great New Year!

Carrie#K said...

Proud, amused, appalled, it sums it up so perfectly!

I'm jealous. We at least decorated but both Mom and I were sick the whole time.