10 August 2012

Furball Friday

Just in time before the closing ceremonies, I give you the results of the 


Event:  Sleep Gymnastics

The following are all members of Team USA, who - for the first time in history -  not only swept the medals in this event, but are siblings!


Name:  Milo (aka The Koodle)
Age:  4 months
Hometown:  Philadelphia, PA
Inspired by:  Doodle Dogs
Skill:  Single Upside Down Twist
Level of Difficulty:  6

Milo was awarded the Bronze Medal when the judges decided that the combination of his young age and willingness to be photographed on a contrasting pattern during this event made him worthy of a medal.


Name:  Jetsam
Age:  6 years
Hometown:  Philadelphia, PA
Inspired by:  Twizzlers
Skill:  Double Body Twist
Level of Difficulty:  8

Jetsam was given the Silver Medal when the judges were impressed by his ability to do a nearly full-body twist on a pad while almost matching the background, assuring that the position would still make him visible.


Name:  Pip
Age:  2 years
Hometown:  Philadelphia, PA
Inspired by:  Oscar Pistorius
Skill:  Double Twist with One-Legged Thrust
Level of Difficulty:  10

Pip managed to strike a unique pose, which also has an element of danger, since any sudden necessity to stand up could be difficult, as his only hind leg is twisted and straight up in the air.

Hope your weekend is free of any difficulty, with a perfect score!

**No way was I gonna use the "O" word, and be handed a Cease and Desist order from the USOC ...


Marie said...

Great kitty pictures!

KSD said...

Primo scoring! Pip really stuck that landing.

Wool Free and Lovin' Knit said...

ha, ha, hilarious. Love your commentary!

Anonymous said...

How long is each athlete allowed in this event? Afterall, the gymnasts have specified times in most events, and I need to know how long it takes for these athelets to assume the positions. I do agree that these are certainly medal worthy performances. Pat Meyer

kathy b said...

Hysterical.... I think the judges were biased though....Milo was clearly smiling during the event. and that counts for so much!