31 August 2012

Old Photo Friday

My dad as a baby

On the back of this picture, someone has written "Harry, 4 months old," which means it is from December 1916.  When I was a little girl and came across this photo, I could not believe that My Dad was WEARING A DRESS!  But my mother would point out every time she saw this, that it looked just like my dad, and it to be honest, it was a classic Dad pose - this is how he would sit when leaning against a bar ...

Have a good Labor Day weekend, and should you find yourself leaning against a bar, have one for my dad!


Mereknits said...

Great picture, would you not give anything to have that dress.
Happy Friday,

Kellie @ Delightfully Ludicrous said...

What a lovely old photo! It looks very similar to one I have of my grandad ... just add long blonde ringlets. Yeah, it increased the "girl" jokes.

SissySees said...

Wonder if it was his christening photo?

I have my family's christening gown, lace and all, worn by male and female alike. I wonder if my cousin's kids will ever get married and have babies ... and want the gown?

Nancy said...

Yes, it was common for boys even as old as 4/5 to wear dresses.

I hope you have added your father's full name to the back of the photo so future generations will know who "Harry" was.

Lorraine said...

Bridget- In those days, it was hard to tell girls from boys, because up until a certain age, they dressed them the same.

Cheers, Dad!