01 August 2012

For a Good Time ...

I am using my 700th post (!) to suggest that you check this out:

It's just so much fun, and people get so involved, trying to have their nominee be the winner.  Every year, I'm amazed and impressed that Kim gets it all figured out, as it's the kind of thing that would sound good to me in theory, but drive me nuts actually putting into place.  

This year, I nominated Jon Hamm, Denzel Washington, and Paul Rudd.  I usually decide on someone the day after nominations close, so I am quite proud of myself.

This year, she is adding another part, The Knitters' Chick, at the suggestion of her son.  I nominated, Rashida Jones, Sofia Vergara, and Meryl Streep.

For me, I just think the idea of hanging out with any of these people would be fun, even if they weren't knitters.  I have decided that a sense of humor and ability to laugh at yourself are real contributors to my idea of physical attraction.   Granted, the people I listed above may be considered "hunks" or "babes" by a lot of people, but for me, I thought of people who I enjoy before trying to think of who was good-looking.

In any event, check out the contest, and throw some names into the mix!  There's suspense, cliff-hangers, and prizes - who could ask for more???

 And to quote my mother, "It sure beats spittin' ..."


KSD said...

Thanks, Bridget! And thanks to your mother. I think.

kathy b said...

Oh I like all your nominations.
I go for the obscure sometimes....but I KNOW Your names!