12 October 2012

Old Photo Friday

My sisters and I at Bear Mountain, probably 1960.
(standing in the back, Mary Ellen; sitting to her left, Nancy; 
in front with the white boots, ME!)

The first place I consciously remember living is Teaneck, New Jersey.  We used to go to Bear Mountain pretty frequently, and I remember loving it, but not much else about it.  I hope to go back sometime, to see if anything at all looks even remotely familiar.  I do, however, remember the hooded jacket I'm wearing here, and there are several pictures where I'm sporting it.  As I recall, it was dark green and white, large plaid.  I was a fashion plate even then ...

Have a warm and cozy weekend!


Nancy said...

Such fun to see older photos.

Several years ago, my sister and I searched for our grandfather's house. We drove by it three times because we both thought the house was much smaller than we remembered.

Mereknits said...

Oh how cute!