16 July 2013

But the Best Way Is to Live in Antarctica

... even though, the way things are going, eventually you won't even be safe there.

What am I talking about?  Today's Ten on Tuesday topic:

Ten Ways to Beat the Heat

1.  Find someplace/someone with air conditioning and stay there as long as possible.

2.  Drink ice water.

3.  Take cool - not cold - showers.

4.  Take a paper towel, saturate it with cold water, wring it out, and wrap it around your neck.  Repeat as necessary.

5.  Stand in front of a fan.

6.  Find a really shady spot and stay there.

7.  Have more ice water.

8.  Imagine winter. (I try this, but am not successful.  I get depressed because I'm hot and it's not actually winter.  But it may work for others.)

9.  Go to a pool or the beach and stay in the water (use sunscreen though!).

10.  Move to someplace where it doesn't get that hot.  The Tim and I always joke that we'll be the only two people in the world who move north when we retire.  :-)


steph said...

you are NOT alone on that moving north-thing! while a lot of our friends vacation in Florida in the winter....we always vacation north in the summer. Not quite as good as moving there....but I'll take it! (we're going to Kenya--on the EQUATOR!!--in a week or so, and it's cooler there than here. )

Lorraine said...

Bridget- Nope, I'll be there too.

With the Polar bears.

Nancy said...

You'd think going to the mountains would be cooler, but it has been HOT there this summer, too.

Lynn said...

LOL I just read a blog where she wanted to move to Iceland!!! This is the reason why those with money summer in the north and winter in the south!

kathy b said...

Ive been in the neighbor's pool the past two days thanks to invites! I bought a fan that goes around your neck at Bed Bath Beyond

Kym said...

In my spinning class tonight, one of my friends wore a t-shirt from January's polar bear run. She was trying to "think cool." (It was sort of refreshing to look at.)

Kim said...

Moving north to retire is definitely in my plans! The idea of retiring to somewhere like Florida makes me hot just thinking about it.

Julie Crawford said...

great suggestions! One i learned while backpacking years ago- dampen a towel with cold water, and pay down on it. as the water evaporates, it cools down the body really quickly.

sillyewe said...

I am going north with you. What self respecting fiber person would move south? hahaha