10 July 2013

Lovely Links

So like most people, I spent some time poking around to see what I wanted to use once Google Reader bit the dust.  Granted, I didn't do as much research as a lot of other people seemed to - what with being lazy and impatient - but I ended up creating accounts at both Feedly and Bloglovin.  Lately, I've been checking Bloglovin more regularly, mostly because I actually found it easier to organize things.  But who knows, tomorrow I may change my mind altogether.

In the meantime, one day this past weekend I was poking around, and clicked on the links for other blogs - you know, "Most Popular, Favorites" or whatever they call them on various sites.  And I've come across some new things that I have added to my regular reads.  Then lately, I've found some things I really like on both the old and new regular reads.   So I thought I'd share them with you.

A regular read of mine is Mereknits, and today she posted about something called Yarn Alive.  I know I have some things to contribute, so I hope you will, too!

I also *heart* a site that is new to me, We Heart This.

How many times have you or someone you know been overrun with the success of their zucchini plants?  I had a co-worker who used to put some zucchini on porches in her neighborhood at night, she had so much (and that way, she avoided people saying "no thanks")!  Anyway, I like zucchini, and I also like zucchini bread.  But here's a recipe I'm really anxious to try, because I think it would really be yummy, and add a new dimension to regular zucchini bread!  (Watch this be the year of the Great Zucchini Die-Off or something, now that I really want some ...)

Speaking of yummy baked goods, Marie at Cats and Books etc. shared this recipe given to her mother by one of her co-workers, and it's going on my to-make list as well.

Kim has asked for "audience participation" in her last couple of blog posts, and since I am a sucker for those kinds of things, of course I responded - even if not many others did.  But I think it would be a fun thing to try from time to time.  And there's still time to respond to her first two questions, if you want to join in!

What about you - and good things to share lately?


Marie said...

Thanks for the mention in your blog. I swear, that is the best pound cake recipe EVER! You'll love it. I like that it has a whole tablespoon of vanilla.

Lorraine said...

Bridget- I truly wish I could share something wonderful, but the truth is I have been reading nothing but schmaltz lately.

And magazines. Crummy ones.

Le sigh.

kathy b said...

I love Mere's blog too!

and I have to go to Cats and Books blog!!!
Love cat s and love books.

pam said...

I love finding new blogs to read too!

Lorette said...

Thanks for the new blogs!

I'm using Feedly but just not getting into it. I still have NetNews Wire, but since it syncs (sanc?) with Google Reader, it's not so helpful now.