06 August 2013

It's That Time of Year Again!

Yep, it happens every year at this time, and it's so much fun!  Not my vacation (alas, that was last October), not a raise at work (hah!), not winning the lottery.

It's time for The Knitters' Hunk and The Knitters' Chick competition!!!

Once again, the intrepid Kim is hosting nominations for a contest that it not just fun, but often heated.  She started the whole thing a few years ago, and added The Knitters' Chick last year, at the suggestion of her son.  It is one of my favorite things to do, because people are so loyal, and there are so many different types of nominees. And yes, many of them are attractive, but they also are people that seem like they would be fun to hang around with, whether or not they are knitters.  I love the idea of celebrities being nominated for something like this, since it's so out of the normal awards, but more fun - at least for those of us voting!

Why don't you take part?  The three links above give you all the info you need to know.

Here are my nominations for this year, all of them people that I think would be a ton of fun to be around.

The Knitters' Hunk:

Jon Hamm

Denzel Washington

Stephen Colbert

The Knitters' Chick:

Helen Mirren

Tina Fey

Aisha Tyler

There are even prizes for those who nominate winners, so some extra incentive is there for you.  And remember - when this all becomes The Next Big Thing, you can say you were there at the beginning.  :-)


KSD said...

Thanks for the enthusiastic plug! And what a great picture of Helen Mirren. Her hair is fabulous.

Lorraine said...


Love both Helen Mirren and John Hamm-
I'd knit socks for him any day!