02 October 2013


I gotta tell you, these stupid shingles are killing me!  I've certainly had my share of painful experiences in my life, but these win the prize.  Geez.  On the plus side, I am getting better.  So - theoretically at least - I should feel even better by this time next week.  Or someone will pay.

I have not knit a stitch this week.  Mostly because I am truly wiped out when I get home from work.  But I have plans.  And yarn.  So it's just a matter of time.

There is a woman I know who is overall fairly nice, and she has a good sense of humor, but she is recently driving me crazy.  First of all, every other word out of her mouth is the f-word, and I'm not a big fan of that word.  However, since it's everywhere, that's not the main problem.  The main problem is that she is one of those parents whose kid is the smartest, prettiest, nicest, whatever-ist, and the people at the kid's [very expensive, private] school (that she manages to mention in every conversation), aren't teaching and doing things the way she  thinks they should be.  This can be a problem.  If it is actually the case.  But her latest thing is that her kid was caught skipping school, and now has detention for three days.  During which, instead of doing her homework, she has to work on an essay explaining why kids shouldn't skip school.  But the kid finds this boring, and the woman is incensed that they don't give her something "better" to do.  On my best days, I don't have a lot of patience for this kind of crap, but I think not feeling great is making me worse.  Clearly I need to avoid talking to, or ready any Facebook posts from this woman, at least for a while.

I have been reading the same book for almost a month now.  It's not that long, and it's very interesting, but I don't seem to make any progress of note.  I have a little more than 100 pages left, so there is light at the end of the tunnel.  But I have no idea why it is going so slowly.  Oh well.

Summer seems to have returned here for the week.  I want to know who said that was OK.  ;-)

One of my nieces is furloughed due to the government shutdown.  So she is using the time to decorate her house for Halloween.  She loves Halloween, and usually goes all out, but I think this year, it's gonna be even more amazing.  She seems to have found a way to make lemonade out of that lemon.

On October 19, Dug and I will be taking part in the Mutt Strut, hoping to raise money for homeless animals.  The sponsoring organization, PAWS, is the only no-kill shelter in the city, and they have a wonderful spay/neuter wellness clinic not far from our house.  If I ever get my act together, I'd like to volunteer there.  In any event, if for some reason you have some cash and can't think of what to do with it, you can certainly help out here.

Does anyone like any of the new shows this year?  To be honest, I haven't seen many of them, but on the other hand, I haven't noticed any that seem like things I MUST watch.  So feel free to offer suggestions.

The Tim is on vacation this week.  I think he is enjoying it especially, since he has the days to himself, since I am back at work.  I can appreciate that, but having used all of my sick leave and a little bit of the tiny amount of vacation that I have last week, I will admit to being jealous.  I think "vacation" is one of the best words, in any language!

And, finally, that's all for now.  I'm sure that if you have bothered to keep reading, you are pretty happy right about now.  That's fine.  I just wanted to get it all off my chest.


Nancy said...

Shingles was one of the worst things I ever experienced. I hope yours fade soon and you start feeling better.

SissySees said...

Shingles and a my-kid-can-do-no-wrong co-worker?! That's just cruel. I'm one of those child-free people who firmly believes that what is wrong with the youth of today is they've been pandered to their whole little lives...

And of course, there are still wonderful, good kids out there. I enjoy them!

Mereknits said...

So sorry your shingles are still bothering you, i hope that they get better here really quickly. The pain must be so fatiguing. I read The Light Between Oceans and The Orchardist and they were sooooooo slow. I swear I wanted to scream, but I kept at it and I am not entirely sure I am glad I did.
As for your sort of friend, that is so annoying. her daughter sure isn't all that perfect if she is skipping school.

elns said...

I'm with SissySees, people will be their own people, but what are we teaching kids, if we don't expect them to be accountable? They grow up to be THAT co-worker, or THAT person in line at the DMV that require special treatment. Ugh.

The Mutt Strutt sounds like an excellent cause to lend your time to. Yay!

Love that laminated card, but unfortunately for me, I am a total whackadoo.

Just sending you a lot of feel betters :)

Anonymous said...

Glad you are starting to feel better. Hope that continues.

There are some Facebook people that I have just had to put on "hide". The constant stupidity is just stunning.