30 May 2014

Ending May

Today is the second-to last day of May.  This year May actually contained a true springtime here in Philadelphia.  Instead of the two-days-of-spring-let's-go-right-to-awful-summer, we had actual spring temperatures and the real feeling of moving from winter to spring.  It was sometimes too rainy all at once, but I have really enjoyed this spring.  

Anyway, there are still things I want to tell you about that happened in May and are long overdue: Maryland Sheep and Wool, a finished knitting project, our trip home for the Memorial Day weekend, and probably other things that don't immediately come to mind.  And I'll get there ... :-)

Reading some of the other blogs I usually do, it seems that there are some others who had a mishmash of things going on in May, and to be honest, it made me feel better, because even though it was a good month, I felt somewhat all over the place with everything.  

In any case, I still have all kinds of projects - knitting and otherwise - in my head that I want to do/work on, and I also hope to take some of my vacation time, even if just to enjoy not being at work.  (Of course, the problem is being allowed to take the time, but I will not bore you with the annoying saga of that whole thing!)

So in the event that you wondered what had become of me, the answer is, I've just been going along, and have either not had the time or the ambition to sit down and check in.  In that way, I hope June will be a little bit more amenable to me doing the things that *I* want to do.

Have a lovely weekend, I'll be back soon!


Nancy said...

I sincerely hope your vacation request is granted. Enjoy your weekend, too.

Lorraine said...

Bridget- That seems to be the theme, there is never enough time to do what we want to do- only what we have to do.

kathy b said...

Bridget May is so busy for so many reasons! Mothers day, graduations, picnics, last recitals, field trips, thank you luncheons, add a birthday or anniversary and the days are too full. Here's to a relaxing June

Mereknits said...

Nothing worse than not getting time off when you really need it. we will be here when you are ready, take good care of yourself.

Kym said...

May . . . is Like That. Welcome back.