20 May 2014

And Then There's Also ...

This week's topic:  

10 Things You Want to Try

Oh, I'm sure I can think of ten things.  Or seventy.   Or agonize over coming up with even two.  Let's see.

1.  Spinning.  OK, this seems like a slippery slope to me - I don't actually need another hobby.  But I think it would be fun to try, and I do have a drop spindle.  Then a friend told me about this

which is apparently called a Hitchhiker, and is very portable.  Which makes the slope even slippery-er ...

2.  Learning Gaelic.  I have a sense of a lot of words, but would like to understand pronunciation patterns, and increase my vocabulary.  Actually that goes for any language other than English.

3.  Biking further.  Or this year at least, biking at all.  I have my bicycle all tuned up and ready to go, and one of my goals for years has been to increase my endurance and travel further.  I have a spot chosen for my destination, and though it's not that far if you are an avid bicyclist, it would be a real accomplishment for me to reach that.

4.  Snorkeling.  I think this looks like fun.  A few things that make it seem unlikely though: I don't know how to swim, I'm nervous about being underwater, and I don't live near a place with clear, tropical waters.  Oh well.

5.  Cross-country skiing.  This always sounds so cool to me, and since I have no interest in downhill skiing (other than watching it on TV during the Olympics), it would be a fun thing to try in the wintertime.

6.  Seeing more of the world.  This is theoretically doable, but finances often get in the way.  But even if I can't become a globe-trotter, I do hope to see at least a few more places, whether near or far.

7.  Weaving.  Yeah, another hobby I don't need.  But I think it would be fascinating and fun, and a weaving shop just opened near my house.  Classes are uber-expensive, but maybe I'll save some money someday for something like that.

8.  Writing more letters, more regularly.  I love to get mail, and I love to write letters.  But I always feel like I want to wait until I have a nice amount of time to sit down and write a long letter.  Which is funny, because: a) I don't have to, and b) most people I know are puzzled when I send them a note/letter anyway, and would not be likely to write back.  At all.

9.  Unplugging for a week.  And sometime I'm actually gonna do this.  The conundrum for me is that I am stuck at work being plugged in all of the time for things I don't really want to be. So I like coming home and checking my personal e-mail, etc. to see what's new with everyone, and reading blogs, etc.  

10.  Taking better photos.  I don't think I'll ever have the patience to be an excellent photographer, but I wish I could take better photos.  My little, old, dinky digital camera is fine, but it doesn't have much "range" shall we say.  And I haven't found any "next level up" camera that I can afford.

I'm sure there are more things I'm always saying that I'd like to try, but these are what arrived in my brain for now.  I'll be curious to see what others have to say.

Happy Tuesday!


Bonny said...

I'd also love to try spinning and weaving, but so far finances, space, and trying to keep my yarn stash under control have stopped me. I did try to tell myself I could use my yarn stash must faster if I started weaving with it!

Anne P said...

Oh #2 sounds awesome! I'd love to learn Gaelic too! :)

Patti Miinch said...

Except for #1 & 2, that could be my next list! Your list inspired me to add to my own list -- thank you :)

kathy b said...

snorkeling is really fun. Now I have to think of ten things i want to learn FUN topic today.

Lorraine said...

Bridget- As you know, I tried spinning and I love it. I'm now at the point where it relaxes me, and I'm not so worried about the product, it's the process.

Highly recommended.

Mereknits said...

I love that list, I love snorkeling but no scuba for me, I am adding weaving to my list.

elns said...

Fun list. I really would not only love to take better photos, I would love to organize them better. I feel like I have captured some great moments, but they aren't in a good format to share and show my family.

Caffeine Girl said...

I can't recommend x-country skiing strongly enough. It totally changed how I feel about winter. It is great exercise and burns tons of calories!