13 October 2015

A Long Weekend That Felt Like a Long Weekend

I had a long weekend because of the Columbus Day holiday here in the U.S.  (Which I know is controversial, but it was a long weekend, so I was happy.)  For a change, it actually felt like a nice long weekend, mainly because I didn't make myself spend every minute trying to do everything.  So this week's Ten on Tuesday topic seemed worth addressing:

10 Things I Did This Weekend

1.  Friday night, we tried pizza from a place that has been consistently listed as the Best Vegan Pizza in Philadelphia.  Though we are not vegans, we wanted to try it.  (We may have also ordered a Vegan Philly Cheesesteak and an order of Vegan Buffalo Wings to try.)  I was skeptical, since I am generally not a fan of vegan cheese, but I have to say that all of it was amazing and some of the most delicious food I've ever tasted!  And we have leftover pizza for lunch this week, which is a plus.

2.  Got my hair cut.  I tried a new place, and though I'll see over the next week as I get more and more used to it, I think I have found a stylist that I can stick with ... at least for a few more tries.  :-)

3.  Caught up on some TV shows we had recorded.

4.  Watched the Notre Dame vs. Navy game, and was pleased with the outcome.  Actually, I like Navy, so even if they had won, I would live.  I just like ND better ...

5.  Took a leisurely bubble bath on Saturday night.  I used to do this regularly, but started to feel guilty about the amount of water used. So now it's a special treat, and I really enjoyed it.

6.  Met up with a new neighbor for coffee.  I signed up for a thing called Nextdoor, which is an online site that is sorta like social media for your neighborhood.  A woman posted a question that I answered and it turns out she just moved here and lives two blocks away.  So we decided to meet for coffee.  I am happy to report that she is not a serial killer, she likes reading, cooking, and cats, and wants to get back in to knitting.  This is such an unlikely thing for me to do, but fortunately it worked out.

7.  Went to the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen Fine Crafts Fair.  I love this event.  It's each May and October for a weekend, and the stuff is amazing.  I always save up some cash to treat myself.  This year I bought a pair of earrings, which I am wearing today.

8.  Did a huge purge of my closet.  That felt good.

9.  Drank wine.  That always feels good.

10.  Yesterday, to finish off the weekend on a particularly high note, I made batch of granola from a recipe by Clara Parkes - yes, she if the Knitters Review and several books fame.  This is the second batch I have made in the past few weeks - even The Tim likes it, so it's worth the time, effort, and ingredients.

Of course, I also did things like laundry, some cleaning up, paid bills, etc.  But I do those every weekend (much like #9 on my list ... which come to think of it, I do every day.  But I digress ...).

The good news is, this is a short week as a result of the long weekend, and next weekend we are spending the weekend with my niece and her husband at their beach house at Rehoboth Beach.  So I even have something else fun to anticipate!

Have a good week yourselves!


Lorraine said...

Bridget- We're coming down off our turkey high, so I couldn't think of 10. I have never heard of Next Door- sounds cool.

Bonny said...

I do like your combination of fun and productive for the weekend! I'm very curious about how a vegan cheesesteak tastes; it would be wonderful to eat a cheesesteak with less guilt about fat, cholesterol, and calories. Enjoy your short week and beach weekend!

Patty said...

I'll bet that craft fair was excellent! Looks like a nice weekend.

Kwizgiver said...

Sounds like an ideal weekend! I need to switch my closet to more wintry clothes. I'm so sad summer's done with us.

Linda said...

I will have to check in to that Nextdoor thingie. If they have it here. Since I am retired, I have become sort of out of the social scene and it gets a bit lonely at times!

Linda in VA

Araignee said...

I have not been to Rehoboth in years. I used to love it there. My mom would pack up a Christmas tree in November and we would rent a house to have a early family holiday with all the grandkids since we could never get everyone together during the actual holidays.

steph said...

yow....great weekend, and great weekend to look forward to!!!! Hubby's family used to do the Rehoboth Beach vacation thing. Now we head further south.


Unknown said...

Sounds like a very productive weekend :)

Mereknits said...

Your weekend sounded really wonderful, a mix of so many fun things. I am so impressed you reached out and met that new neighbor, think how nice she feels meeting someone new in her new neighborhood. THe kids have school off this Monday, not last week and I still have to work so it is a normal weekend for me.