05 February 2016

Friday Letters

Hello there!  I've seen this on various other blogs over the past couple of months, and it has amused me.  Since I am in the mood to post something, but have nothing particular planned, I thought I'd give it a try.

Dear Hair ~ Tomorrow we are going to get you cut, and maybe even colored.  Perhaps you could work with the stylist so that what I tell him and what you actually do within 10 minutes of leaving the salon will be the same story, and how I look when I leave there will be roughly how I look until I go for another cut.

Dear Douchebag Neighbor ~ No, I do not want to sign your latest petition.  Partly due to your douchbag-ness, but partly because I feel that, if you want to make it "more like the suburbs," that you should move to the suburbs.  Many problems would be solved by this approach.

Dear Sweet Dug the Doodle Dog ~ Please try not to get explosive diarrhea again anytime soon.  And if you must (because face it, you're a dog), maybe wait until we are actually awake, instead of at 3:00 a.m. on a weekday when we have to go to work.

Dear Administration at Work ~ You must think we are all beyond dim if you truly believe that we think we have gotten "raises," when the only reason we are getting higher salaries is because you have increased our hours in a major way.  It still wouldn't be a popular decision, but if you would just admit the truth, you might be able to save a modicum of respect.  Though given your track record, maybe not ...

Dear Guy with the 10-month old Pit Bull Puppy Named Carmen ~ Thank you for letting me pet and cuddle your puppy, and be the recipient of so many puppy kisses!  It made my day.

Dear Samantha the Cat ~ Thank you for letting Dug sniff noses with you whenever we walk past your house and you are outside.  He is always puzzled when other cats just run away, so you make his walk an extra good one when we run into you.

Do you have any letters you'd like to write?

Have a good weekend!


sprite said...

My mom grew up in a farm town and remains similarly frustrated by transplants from the suburbs who wanted to make changes to the town.

My worries about major to D.C. are often how much are about making the city better for everyone and how much are they about making it better for people who are particularly well-off (and who are running all the poor people out to the suburbs from which we came and which aren't as well-equipped to deal with some of the issues)? If it's the latter, I'm not interested.

Mereknits said...

I love this idea.

Dear Pinterest, I am not in love with your adds, actually I don't want to see any adds on the site.

Dear Pre--K parent who always buzzes around me in his car and then gives me a dirty look, we are in a line dropping off children, drive with caution buddy.

Oopos, I could get into this!


Araignee said...

That was a very enjoyable read. My first letter would begin Dear Me, because I am in dire need of some good advice after some of the silly things I've done this week.

Anonymous said...

Oh I do for sure!

Dear Giroux,

When hacking up a hairball would it be possible for you to take 1 step to the left and hack it up on the tile instead of the white carpet????

Sure would appreciate your cooperation on this one.


Glad Dug got to touch noses with the sweet neighborhood kitty. I can just picture in my mind's eye how cute that was.

Anonymous said...

REALLY love letter #2.

Marie said...

Love it!

kathy b said...

Dear Bridget

Thank you for reading my blog and letting me into your life to read yours! Blog friends Rock !

elns said...

These are great letters! It gave me a little peek into your world through your eyes, definitely some things I can relate to, and gave me a few smiles with the puppy love and the cat friendship :)