27 February 2016

Slow Saturday

Finally it is Saturday.  This past week was a long one, and it really shouldn't have been, but there you go.  I woke up on Thursday morning with the beginnings of a migraine.  I managed to keep it at bay - meaning it didn't go away, but didn't get worse - and made it to work on Thursday and Friday, but by last night, I just really needed to get into bed and rest/sleep for a while.  Which would be fine, except that for once, we actually had plans.  The Tim had bought tickets to a jazz concert for us as a Valentine's gift, and I had been looking forward to going.  But it just wasn't gonna happen.  So he went on his own, and apparently it was great, as we expected it would be.  I stayed at home in bed for the most part.  This morning I woke up, and though it's not completely gone, I think it may finally be on its way.  I sure hope so.  The good news is that I did keep it at bay.  I just wish I could have banished it altogether, but such is life.  Migraines suck.

I've been having a slow Saturday and plan to keep it that way.  Other than taking Dug for his morning walk, I've just been letting the morning unfold with no plan.  My big plan for the day is to make a crockpot dinner and to start sorting through my stash, since I haven't done that for a while, and I like to try and keep it under control.  A friend of mine is starting a learn-to-knit class in the Gayborhood** here, and put out a call for yarn and needle donations.  I have a feeling I'll be able to provide him with some good starting materials, and that makes me happy.  If I can give the stuff I no longer want to keep to someone or some organization that will be thrilled to have it, that makes me happy.

I have a few things I want to post about, but until my new laptop can process photos, I want to wait on that.  So let me just tell you about my co-worker and her knitting.

I don't remember if I mentioned that before Christmas, one of my co-workers said she wanted to learn to knit, and I offered to teach her.  She caught on right away, and was really motivated.  She wanted to make a pair of fingerless mitts for her mother as a Christmas gift.  We found a free pattern on Ravelry (which she immediately joined - "Wow, have you known about this for long?") and she got started.  Her finished mitts were Absolutely. Perfect.  I mean, just beautiful.  Yes, the pattern was simple and basic, but her stitches were perfect, as was her tension.  Apparently her mother loved them, and has requested another pair, this time with cables.

In the meantime, five of her friends and/or her husband's co-workers have announced that they are having babies.  She wanted to knit something for each of them.  I suggested hats, since a) they are relatively easy, b) they are small and quick, and c) she could become comfortable with knitting in the round and using double pointed needles.  (The aforementioned fingerless mitts were knit flat and seamed.)  I loaned her my Susan B. Anderson Itty-Bitty Hats book, which has wonderful patterns all based on a basic hat.

As of Friday, she has one hat completed, needing only a pompom to be ready to gift, and is halfway through her second one!  She is having so much fun with her knitting, and though she was a little intimidated at first by the double-points, now it's like she's a pro.  I think she has an aptitude as well as being motivated, but she was clearly meant to be a knitter!  I'm so glad I was the one to get her started.

It's always interesting to see how quickly some people take to knitting, and how others need more time.  I was a person who was motivated, but it took a while before I had enough control to make even stitches and get a consistent tension.  I still struggle with gauge (which may be why I usually make things where it is not a complete deal breaker), but I think that is not terribly uncommon.

What about you?  Did you struggle, learning to knit?  Have you taught anyone else to knit?  I'm just curious.

And in what might be the best news of all, today marks five years since we officially adopted this kitten:

When we adopted Pip, his foster mom said she thought he was a little over a year old.  The vet though, said he was likely 4-5 months, and I think she was correct because he grew quite a bit.  He's still not a large cat physically, but what he lacks in size, he makes up for in personality!  He is truly one of the sweetest kitties we have ever known, and he never misses the chance to comment on anything.  I'm pretty sure it never occurs to him that having only three legs should make him any less able to run, jump, leap, etc.  He really puts things into perspective when you are feeling sorry for yourself.  :-)

That's it for now.  Hopefully I'll be able to show you some new pictures next time!

**Please note that I am not being facetious using the term "Gayborhood."  It's an area in Philadelphia where the bulk of the residents are LGBT, and that's what the area is unofficially called.  It was originated by the residents, and if you live anywhere in the city, you have heard the term and probably been there.


kathy b said...

Pip is such a doll. Im one of those that took YEARS to get even tension. My daughter is a natural knitter. She was from the get go

Anonymous said...

Pip is adorable! Happy birthday, sweet boy!

I learned to knit when I was a little kid. I don't remember it being terribly hard, but I know I knit garter scarves for a LONG time! LOL

I have taught quite a few people how to knit. One took to it quite well. Two others may never be any good, but they sure do seem to enjoy it. LOL

Araignee said...

I taught a coworker to knit also and she went at it like a pro. I was amazed at her fast progress. It took me forever to learn.
Pip is a sweetie. How lucky you are to found each other.
I've got a migraine in the works at the moment. Weekends are no time to be down and out. Too much to do.

Mereknits said...

So sorry about your headache and missing the concert. I have been fighting a headache since Wednesday, it just keeps lingering, not a migraine thank goodness, but I get those too. Yuck! I love that a new knitter has been born, and is so happy making things that will be loved and cherished.

karen said...

I have never had a migraine and I would never ever want one. I have friends who get them and suffer so, I hope you are well. Loved seeing your cat and I love how they guess his age, a little hit and miss but getting as close to the age as possible :)

elns said...

Migraines suck. My son gets the throbbing puke inducing ones (which I've had) but I'm more inclined to get those slow and low burns as you're describing. Also, I'm pretty sure my sons' are directly related to dehydration. I still think I don't get them as bad or as frequent as I have or as I see my friends. I can usually manage and can remain functional.

Anyways, yes! I love when you teach someone how to knit and they take to it with an aptitude and zeal! I actually offered up my teaching skills as a Silent Auction item for the school fundraiser this year and apparently I've got a taker! ha! The more happy knitters in the world, the better the world if you ask me. heh.

Danette Bartelmay said...

I love your sweet little Pip!
I also love adopting the little ones with disabilities or the ones that aren't expected to thrive. We've done that twice now, with dogs. The every day joy each one {one we currently have and one who has gone on to doggie heaven} has given us is priceless.