19 April 2016

Music That Stays

I love music - practically all kinds.  I spend pretty much every moment that I am awake with at least one song in my head.  OK, so occasionally it's an earworm that I can't shake, but most of the time it's something that I'm happy to have with me all day.

So for today, Carole wanted us to list 10 Albums I Love - meaning, you don't just like one or two of the songs, but all of them.  There were two parts of this that were hard for me: 1) choosing just ten, and 2) figuring out what was on an album, as I tend to listen to a lot of things in a random order!

But here are ten that came to mind, not because I love them more than others, but just because they were the first ten to come to mind ... in no particular order.

1.  Listen to My Heart - by Nancy LaMott.  I love her voice, and since this is the first one of hers I bought, I decided to include it.

2.  Soundtrack to "Room With a View" - one of my favorite movies, and listening to the music allows me to picture the scenes in my head.

3.  Love Songs - The Beatles.  I'm a big Beatles fan, and this is a fave, because it's an unusual one, and just makes you feel happy when you listen.

4.  Soundtrack to "Sweeney Todd : the Musical" - so often, lines/tunes from songs in this show run through my head.  I also am a big fan of soundtracks.

5.  Now That I've Found You - Alison Kraus.  Like #1, this was my introduction to her, and it's still a favorite.

6.  Never Been Gone - Carly Simon.  So many of these songs were new to me when I first bought the album, and now are old friends.

7.  Soundtrack to "Guys and Dolls" - yeah, I know another soundtrack.  But the songs are great, and there are some true classics.

8.  Take Me Back - Tim and Mollie O'Brien.  I love the songs, and knew both of them growing up as we all went to the same elementary school.  Then later, my brother-in-law joined their dad's law firm as a partner.  They don't often perform together, but this album is one of their best.

9.  Christmas - Michael Buble.  OK, so I LOVE practically every Christmas album I own, but this one is lots of fun.

10.  Tapestry - Carole King.  One of the first albums I ever purchased for myself, with my own money, in my life.

Seriously though - we have SO much music, and so many albums, I can't really say that these are the ten I most love, or even most listen to; but these are all definitely some of the best.


Kwizgiver said...

Love your diverse choices. I've got to discover Take Me Back. And I agree about Christmas music.

AsKatKnits said...

Bridget - what a fantastic list! Movie albums, I did not even think of that! And, if I had included Christmas - the list would go on and on. I am one of those crazy people who starts listening to my Christmas music long before Thanksgiving just so I can listen to all of it!

Bonny said...

I love all your soundtracks! Room With a View is especially beautiful.

margene said...

I grew up on Guys and Dolls! Love the old show tunes.

Araignee said...

I'm a soundtrack junkie myself. I've never meet a showtune I didn't love. Pandora plays my Danny Elfman and James Horner stations all day long.

Patty said...

Wow, could you educate me! I do love soundtracks too. Philadelphia, Big Chill, My Best Friends Wedding. Great list Bridget!

Anonymous said...

I love the soundtrack to Philadelphia. The one to Pirates of the Caribbean is good too.

But, my best, best, best CD is Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd. That CD got me through a VERY bad bout of depression.

Kym said...

Tapestry is the first album I purchased with my own money, too! Love it then; love it still!

Vera said...

Great picks Bridget! Everyone's lists have either brought back memories of music I had forgotten about...or given me new pieces/albums that I want to hear.