05 April 2016

Unflappable? Flappable? What?

This week, Carole asked us to list 10 Things You Do to Calm Down.  Hee hee.  I am amused for several reasons, mainly that apparently I give the impression of being calm and reasonable about things when I am screaming my head off inside of my head.  I think this is because I am at heart an anxious worrier, and have learned to hide it, because a) it is usually over something that even I at the time realize is insignificant, and b) the people around me don't want to hear it/see it/think about it from me.

I have several methods to calm myself, which may or may not be successful at any given time.  It also depends on what I am calming myself down from - an anxiety attack?  Having to talk to a group of strangers? Worrying about a sports result as in the VILLANOVA GAME LAST NIGHT OH MY GOD?

Also, am I at home?  At work?  In the wild?  That makes a difference too.  I'm not just an anxious worrier, I'm an anxious worrier with context!

Anyway, here are some of the ways that work for me.

1.  A cup of tea.  For as long as I can remember, a cup of tea is the answer to just about anything, good or bad.  Without a cup of tea, I could be neither as happy nor as sad as I've ever been and go on with life.

2.  Cuddle with the kitties and/or Dug.  Because they understand how it works.

3.  Remember that there are other people with worse problems who manage to survive, even if they never have the luxury of thinking about how they calm themselves down.

4.  Channel Scarlett O'Hara, and remember that "tomorrow is another day."

5.  Sing to myself.

6.  Pray or think/say a word or series of words (out loud or internally) to myself . The repetitiveness and rhythm helps me to settle my brain and soul.

7.  Think of something ridiculous or silly.  Laughter is the cup of tea of the non-physical world for me.

8.  Breathe in a conscious manner.  Remember to breathe in and breathe out, and take my time doing it.

9.  Take a walk and describe (to myself) things I see  as I go.  Distraction helps.

10. Have a good cry.  Sometimes it is the only way.


Now I have to think of ways to keep myself awake at work, since I stayed up way too late last night, watching the basketball game.  But it was worth it.  :-)


Donna said...

I totally forgot breathing - deep breaths usually work best. There was nothing I could do last night to calm down while watching that game last night. OMG! Yay Villanova!!!

AsKatKnits said...

Sing to yourself - yes, I do that one too! And, laughter is indeed the best - great way to word it!

Bonny said...

The rest of your list is great, but I like your idea of a good cry. Sometimes it is the only way, and so cathartic (but not at work!)

Lorraine said...

Bridget- A cup of tea- solves alot of things.

Araignee said...

Totally agree with all of them. I just had a good cry from a song on the radio. I feel much better now but I think I upset the dogs. They hate it when I cry.

Kym said...

Wonderful list! And I completely agree -- sometimes a good cry is the best thing to do! XO

Anonymous said...

I use a couple of those ways too ..........I've just started trying conscious breathing using the word *Zen* to focus myself.

How about that game last night. I turned it on just in time to see that last shot. Oh my gosh!!!! DH went to Temple, but his brother is a Villanova grad.

kathy b said...

Walking always helps me too.
Sometimes prayer works me up. I dont know why. I get this frantic Hail mary going...hahaha. I remember saying it while i was up on waterskii's once and did nt know how I'd get down!

KSD said...

Thought of you game-long --- congratulations!

I didn't do this Ten, because I'm not that handy with ways to self-calm.

karen said...

I am crafted in the worry dept too and praying a lot helps, I rarely cry. Knitting of course is a godsend!!