26 April 2016

Tuesday's Monday Meme (huh?)

Hello all!  This morning I was Voter #16 at my polling place.  This pleases me.  I like it when I get a number that I like.  Once I was Voter #119, and though I was glad so many people had been there before I was, I'm not really a fan of that number.

Anyway, if your state is holding a primary today, please VOTE.  People have died for the right to vote, and I wish everyone would take it more seriously.

End of Public Service Announcement.

Now it's time for Kathy's Monday Meme, which I'm able to do on Tuesday this week!  (I'm so proud of myself.)  Let's see what is on the agenda this time around.

1. Have you washed your winter woolens and put them away?

Just a few.  I plan to do the rest this weekend.  I started a few weeks ago, and then it got cold again, and I needed some of my sweaters!

2. What do you wash your wools and knits in?

I use a delicates wash product from Nordstrom.  I would link to it to show you, but I always have trouble finding it on their website.  It comes in unscented, or very lightly scented lavender.  A big bottle lasts a long time, as you only use a small amount.

3. Do you have a favorite iced beverage in the warmer months?

Iced tea.  I love iced tea all year round, I must admit, but in the summer, it's either cold water or iced tea.  I do enjoy treating myself to the Passion iced tea at Starbucks from time to time.

4. Would you consider yourself or a family member in your house to be a nosey neighbor?

Not really.  I know everyone on our street to see, and say hi to at a minimum, but don't pay much attention to their lives.  The Tim could never be considered nosey, as he is lucky he remembers to pay attention to our lives!  There are things I would love to know, but we were raised to not be nosey, because, to quote my mother, "No one likes a nebshit."  So there you go.  The nosiest members of our family are the cats.

5. Time when you were hungry and ate something and thought it was amazing when you knew it wasn't.

I can't think of anytime recently.  I have bought something to eat thinking it would be good and have been disappointed, but never the other way around.

6. I read that department stores are going to have to close many sites.  I'm guilty, I order by mail.  Is there a store you would really miss if it closed a building but stayed open online?

I do some online shopping, but I do like brick and mortar better.  It's really hard for me to buy clothes and/or shoes online, so I would miss anyplace that sold those items.  And no matter what, I think bookstores and yarn stores are more fun in real life!

7. What was your most recent purchase related to knitting?

A few weeks ago, I bought a project bag I loved, that was on sale.  Because apparently having approximately 2000 already isn't enough ...

8. Do you use a row counter?

Not for everything, but sometimes.

9. What is the main color of the current project you are devoting your precious knit time to?

Navy blue.  I'm making a Turn-A-Square hat for a Christmas gift, and the main color is navy (the other is gray, for those wondering).

10. What's the longest and shortest your hair has ever been?

There is a picture of me at approximately 6 years old with shoulder length hair.  The shortest my hair has ever been is a short pixie, and I'm hoping to get one at my hair appt this weekend.  I cannot deal with a lot of hair on my head or neck during warm weather!

Care to share?  Feel free to do so in the comments, or write your own post!


Anonymous said...

Nebshit!!! ROFL Giroux is SUCH a nebshit! We call him Mrs. Kravitz. If he could talk, we would know EVERYTHING about the neighbors.

Have a wonderful week!

P.S. I voted a few weeks ago, but did my civic duty yesterday by going to jury duty. They didn't PICK me, but I was THERE!

elns said...

Dee's comment is cracking me up. Cats. All day, everyday.

Anyhow, I am sort of crazy about project bags. But I truly do use the heck out of them. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one amassing a small collection :)

kathy b said...

Oh so fun to read your answers! Your mom 's words are wise and wonderful!!!
Happy new haircut!!
thanks for playing