16 April 2016

Some Saturday Stories

Hello and I hope you are having a lovely Saturday!  Mine has been nice so far.  I met up with my friend Andrea this morning for coffee, and we discussed our plans for Maryland Sheep and Wool.  Then The Tim and I went to Ikea and Lowe's to look at various things.  Now we are home and just taking a breather. Today is a lovely day, so that makes it seem even better as well.

I don't have anything much to tell you today, but I did come across some interesting things this week on the interwebs, and thought maybe you would enjoy some/all them as well.

Linda Wells is the former editor-in-chief of Allure magazine, but her day spent at Sephora still surprised her.  (And for the record, I've *never* had anyone in any Sephora call me "hon."

This past week was National Library Week, but this congressperson thought it would be a good time to annoy librarians.

I didn't know anything about this, though I did know that the person was the last one to be executed in Pennsylvania.  The book "Silence of the Lambs was bad enough, but finding this out made me feel itchy all day.  Creepy.

I really liked this local story.

After reading this review, I put myself on the list at the public library for the book.  I think I'll like it - I'll let you know!

I made this recipe for dinner the other night, and can highly recommend it.  Fast, easy, healthy, and defintely yummy (I used a lot less butter, btw).

Did you ever go to a Mary Kay Cosmetics party, or know anyone who was a Mary Kay salesperson?  I had a friend at my first job out of college who sold Mary Kay.  She seemed to do quite well. But this article was pretty interesting.

OK, that's it.  Enjoy your Saturday!


Anonymous said...

That lemon broccoli looks delicious.

Mary Kay -------ah, yes! Went to many a party back in the day. Always came home looking like a French whore, but who's to judge. LOL

The cosmetics were actually pretty good, but I think the only person to ever get rich on Mary Kay was MARY KAY!

Araignee said...

What a fun post! I had a good time following all the links.

Mereknits said...

Thank you for the interesting links, I looked at each one. The Sephora article made me laugh, I went to Ulta the other day looking for something with Little Buddy on my hip, I think I definitely had the stay away from me look on my face.

kathy b said...

I know a few Mary kay consultants. One is in The Wisconsin area near Green Bay.
it is too easy to get cosmetics at the CVS or Walgreens.......
My mother loved a Mary kay eye brow color ..she had red hair and they were the only ones to carry this color.

I know Pampered Chef consultants. I Love their products. IS this helpful?