27 September 2016

Q's, A's, Fall

I haven't gotten myself together for a few weeks to do Kathy's Q&A, but this time I was determined to participate.  Good thing too, 'cause most are questions I can actually answer without spending time pondering and then giving up. (Does anyone else overthink everything?  It's always been an issue for me.)

*Do you work better in groups or alone?

ALONE! I absolutely cannot stand group projects.  Mainly because I am somewhat OCD, and get annoyed that not everyone is putting the same amount of effort into things.  

*Butter or margarine?

Butter.  We don't eat a whole lot in our house, so it lasts a while, thereby making it not quite as expensive as if we slathered it on everything.

*For a day: no phone or no computer?

No phone.  I could live my life happily if I never ever had to talk on the phone again.

*Gym shoes: wear them out, or replace regularly?

I replace mine regularly.  Since I have foot problems, I suffer if they get too worn out.

*More likely to find in your couch cushions: money or needles?

Neither.  I am most likely to find crumbs (The Tim is a messy snacker), or shedded kitty claws.

*What kind of knitting hurts your hands/arms/fingers?

Knitting with stiff cotton for too long, and also knitting with large needles.  I've done a couple of projects with larger needles (US 15 or 17) and though they have been fine, they took a long time to finish, due to the fact that they made my hands hurt.

*How do you feel when someone asks you to knit for them? Delighted? Burdened?

Other than The Tim, who will occasionally mention something specific, I've never had anyone else ask.  I guess it would depend on who it was asking, and what they wanted.  I'm more than happy to knit stuff for family.

*I choose my patterns based on: the designer? the difficulty? the ability to use stash on hand?

Well, I guess it depends.  Sometimes if I really love something, and it's a technique or item I haven't tried before, I'll give it a whirl.  But I guess most of the time, it's designer or difficulty.  I do like certain designers more than others, and 99% of the time, I want to feel confident that I can knit the pattern.  If I have stash that I can use, that's icing on the cake.

*I store my yarn in: plastic bags? project bags? bins and pots and pans?

I have one of those cubby things from Target with cloth bins and I add mothballs.  WIPs are in project bags.

*Last company you called customer service?

I can't remember.  I did e-mail customer service a few weeks ago at Madewell, after I went into the store for something and two salespeople went above and beyond to help me.  I try to report good service as much as awful service.


It seems that fall has arrived around here.  Though this week is supposed to be rainy, it's also supposed to be cool, which is fine with me.  The only down side for me is that I seem to be catching a cold - gah!  But at least I can cozy in a sweater or blanket to make myself feel better.  :-)


Vera said...

Great answers! I forgot about kitty claws (and whiskers) in the cushions - lol. And I'm with you on #1 all the way.

Feel better soon...colds are no fun!

Kym said...

Ugh. I hate talking on the phone. Unless it's to someone I really like. . . (I suppose it's the introvert in me.)

Judy S. said...

I'm not crazy about big needles either. We find kitty claws here, too. Sorry you've got the sniffles; feel better soon!

Araignee said...

Kitty claws...ha, I forgot that too! They are all over the place.
Feel better!

kathy b said...

I feel so much better knowing that NO ONE said they wanted to do group work!!!! Wow