27 February 2017

That's What I Get For Not Listening to Myself

Why don't I leave well enough alone?  I always plan to, and then I just *have* to give things another try.  And it always comes back to bite me on the butt.

I spent the last week carefully and dutifully taking out, stitch by stitch, the messed up border of my Park Slope Blackbird (aka Multnomah  Shawl).  Finally, on Saturday afternoon, I got it to the point where you finish the main knitting, and the next row will be the beginning of the border.  I was so pleased with myself!  I did manage to accomplish that, and then I put it aside.  Because I knew if I started over again right away, I'd be likely to mess it up again.  

Yesterday afternoon, I thought I'd give a try to starting the border again.  I messed up the beginning of the first row, so I took out those stitches, and read through the directions again.  I'd made a stupid mistake, and even better, realized what it was, so I started over, and by the time 45 minutes or so had passed, I'd managed the first repeat of the border (4 rows).  There were a few more stops and starts, but finally I "got" it.  Hooray!  So I thought to myself, "I'll put this away, and do another group of four rows in another day or so.  I don't want to mess it up now that I finally got it right."

You can probably guess where this is going.  The Tim had to work the closing shift last night, so after I ate some dinner, I thought, "What the heck, I'll do another four rows."  And then I REALLY SCREWED THINGS UP.  I thought I could only rip back the latest four rows, but I kept dropping stitches, and ended up frogging all 8 rows.  

A) Why do I keep doing this to myself???
B) Why is it that anytime even the least amount of lace is involved, I have problems?  Trust me, I never try complicated lace - it's always just some yarnovers in one row at a time, but every time I am unable to figure it out.

Tonight while I was waiting for The Tim to be ready for dinner, I tried again to knit the first four rows of the border.  I got it to work, though I can't swear it's actually correct - that remains to be seen as I continue.  But I am NOT touching it again until TOMORROW at the earliest.  For real.  Honest.

Because I do not wanna have to spend the evening ripping back again!  Instead, I'll work on sock #2 of my Hermione's Socks.  I finished the first one late last week, and cast on the second one Saturday night.  I have the cuff done, and will start on the leg tonight.  

Honest.  That's the truth.


The weekend otherwise was a nice one.  We went out to breakfast at a local diner on Saturday morning.  It's a "real" diner, where the waitresses call you Honey, Sweetheart, Doll Baby, etc.  This amuses me greatly, since I'm sure I get called that more by the waitresses in one visit than I ever did by my own mother during my entire life!  I also went to the eyeglass place near us, where they were having a 50% off sale on all their frames, and picked out new glasses for my new prescription.  

And well, other than messing up a lot of knitting yesterday, I managed to clear out some clutter and get it organized to put out for recycling pickup today.  I also wrote another one of my February letters and got it ready to mail today.  So other than my knitting fiasco, it was a good day.

I had planned to watch at least some of the Oscars (I never make it to the end.  It's too late, and even if I could stay up, I'd have a hard time getting up for work the next day!), but due to actual technical difficulties with our television, I had to miss them.  We haven't seen any of the movies yet, but I enjoy seeing what people are wearing and snarking, so I did miss that.  But it sounds like an awful lot happened, huh?  Oh well I would have already been in bed and missed it anyway.


Here is a picture of some crocuses that started budding/blooming already in the planter in front of our house.   I guess they think it's spring already.  They aren't looking as happy today, since we had a big storm on Saturday evening (I took this photo that morning).  We have lots of other shoots for crocuses and daffodils coming up, and I'm worried they won't survive, as there is still time to have a freeze or long cold snap.  Not that I can do anything about it.  So I decided to enjoy these while I could.  :-)

Here's to a good week for all of us!


Bonny said...

Here's to a good week of listening to your own advice! We've all done it and can sympathize. Just last night I had to take out 4 rows of a Hitchhiker (which is not at all complicated knitting) because I'm alternating two hand-dyed skeins and I carelessly started knitting at the wrong end. I even heard that little voice whispering to me that something didn't seem right, but still blithely ignored it for four rows. Lovely crocuses!

Lilly's Mom said...

I feel for you about your knitting project as I've been there a few times myself. Maybe you could put in a lifeline after you complete a section? This way it saves you from ripping back extra rows. Enjoy your week! Pat xx

Caffeine Girl said...

I swear that pattern is cursed. I tried and tried -- and finally frogged. Good for you for sticking with it.
I struggle a lot with lace. Lifelines and stitch markers!

Kym said...

Sometimes (actually oftentimes), lace really bites me in the butt. It takes so much concentration!!! This year's Oscar nominated movies are all quite good (we saw all of them!), so you can look forward to watching them over the next several months. (And, yeah, the ending of the awards show got a little . . . crazy.) XO

Vera said...

Oh, sorry about the shawl. I had the same issues when I made Nurmilintu. Even using a life line!! I never do lace without a life line now (lesson learned). That was some storm Saturday, huh? And now more forecast for tomorrow. I didn't watch the Oscars (I think Fletch had them on), but I heard the ending was a mess. Everyone talks too much for me - lol.

Tired Teacher said...

It's possible that the pattern has an error. Have you checked for an errata?

I'm a believer in lifelines on any large project.

AsKatKnits said...

Been there, done that! And, I have been known to skip entire sections of charts, why? who the heck knows!

Tired Teacher said...

Ask the designer for help: If you have questions about any of my patterns my email is kate@helloknitty.net

Nance said...

I'm such a lazy, lazy knitter that I go for geological ages between picking up and working on my knitting. I really have to be In The Mood. So, if I don't feel like it or don't have the concentration, I know I'll make horrific mistakes. (And I certainly don't do anything worky or intricate. I stay in my lane.)

I've been seeing lots of timid crocuses around. They're going to be sorry this weekend; the forecast is for sn*w and 30s. :-(

Araignee said...

I have been known to take Tums during lace knitting. It makes me break out into a cold sweat at times. I am having the same issues with the Nurmilintu if it makes you feel any better. It's a marker shifting lace pattern and I HATE those.

Mereknits said...

My problem with lace is I can't seem to count to three on a regular basis and do it correctly. I always and I mean always screw up and I have been knitting for 30 years! Yikes that makes me kind of old doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Mother Nature apparently is feeling a little bipolar this year. Tomorrow is going to be almost 90 degrees here and then back to 70 the next day. CRAZY!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

nothing is more frustrating than messing up lace... but stick to it. you'll get it eventually.

Love the crocuses. We wont see any for a few weeks yet.

handmade by amalia said...

LOL. Did you live up to your good intentions?

karen said...

I tend to have trouble when the yarn is "slippery" like alpaca or a silk blend. Once I drop a stitch and it's near lace -- I'm a goner. I love how I think I can fish it back up and then fail.

On the plus side it was only eight rows :)

Juliann said...

I am actually happy to read about your struggle with lace. I have been having a similar experi nice but maybe I will find an hour where I can try again this weekend.