12 January 2018

Final FO of 2017 and Grand Finale Mosaic

If you had told me that during 2017, I would finish one sweater and make another from start to finish, I would have wondered what you were smoking.  But I managed to surprise myself by doing just that.  As you know if you've been reading a while, the long saga of my Cranberry Custom Fit Sweater was finally completed this past October.  That was amazing enough.  But then, I started another one - that makes TWO items of clothing - who am I???

So before I move on to 2018 knits (which so far do not exist), I wanted to show you the FO of the aforementioned second item of clothing.  

(lace detail of lower hem)

Project:  For the Birds Top (why do I call it that? You can find out here.)
Pattern:  Main Street, by Megan Nodecker
Yarn:  Quince & Co. Tern, colorway Dusk, 4.25 skeins
Needles:  US size 4 and 5
Modifications:  I did make the sleeves a tiny bit longer than the pattern directed.

Notes:  I have absolutely nothing but love for this project.  From start to finish, it was a happy event.  Granted, I had to cast on 200+ stitches several times, and I got about 1 inch into it when I realized it was twisted, but once I got back on track, all systems were go.  

I'm not sure where I first saw this pattern, but I immediately loved it, and decided I was gonna give it a try.  The little bit of lace detail at the bottom would be a challenge, but I decided I could do it (and I did!).  The pattern is really clear, really well-written, and at no point do you have to say, "Wait - where was I" or "OMG this is sooo confusing!" - which for me, happens way more than it should!  

The yarn was just lovely to work with, so soft, never splitty, never knotted.  And the skeins were easily windable, which sadly, is not always the case.  The color is a kind of lavender gray - I think it will look slightly different depending on the light, but also what you wear with it.

I will definitely knit this pattern again.

When I went to buy needles to use, the only in the cable length I needed that they had in stock were the Lykke needles that everyone has been talking about.  They were reasonably and comparably priced, and I liked them a lot.  They were smooth and the joins to the cable were not in any way problematic.

The absolutely best part - the FO fits me perfectly!  To quote The Tim, "It looks like it was made for you. [brief pause ] Oh, wait ..."  It's really comfortable, and I can see wearing it quite a bit.

I'm adding the photo below because it's my favorite of the ones taken, even though it's blurry.  Jack didn't want anything to happen where he might be left out!

2017 was a pretty amazing year for me, knitting-wise.  I knit more things than ever in my life - 11 pairs of socks, 2 shawls (WHAT??)), 2 sweaters (COME ON!!), a hat, and a pair of fingerless mitts with individual fingers.  I also tackled lace and some colorwork, and lived to tell the tale.  :-)  Here is a little photo mosaic I made of my projects.

(From left to right:  Box o' Socks, Baa-ble Hat, Annoying Pumpkins, Mixed Berries Socks, Bridget's SS# Socks, Fradentical Holly Berry Socks, Summertime Solar Socks, Ms. Dumbledore Socks, Park Slope Blackbird Shawl, Hannah Socks, Cranberry Custom Fit Sweater, Texture Blue Socks, Tim's Fingerless Mitts, Mojito Socks, Scattered Wishes Shawl, Weird Colorblock Socks, Winter Berries Socks, For the Birds Top.  All details for these on Ravelry.)

I'm pleased that I challenged myself, and that I kept going.  I learned some new skills and tricks, and gave myself a real boost in confidence with my knitting.  I have to tell you, this was the best part of 2017 for me, which was otherwise a questionable year (at best) overall.  

How about you?  Was last year a good knitting year for you?

I hope that 2018 makes me as happy to think about by this time next year.

Have a good weekend!


sprite said...

Congratulations, Bridget! It looks great on you! And hooray for a wonderful year's worth of FOs!

KSD said...

I am always looking for substitutes for "plain" ribbing. Thanks for a cute pattern using one.

(You look so cute, btw.)

Bonny said...

Way to go! Your happiness with For the Birds shows in your big smile and perfect fit! I hope 2018 makes you just as happy, in knitting and all other areas of your life, too.

Anonymous said...

You look BEAUTIFUL in your new sweater and Jack just makes it all even BETTER!!!

Last year --------NOT a good knitting year. Oh hell . . . up until the end of October it wasn't even a good ANYTHING year.

2018 ---- so far, it doesn't suck!

AsKatKnits said...

LOVE!! It does look so beautiful on you! Well done!

Dare I say, more sweaters in 2018????

You can do it! XO

Kym said...

WOW! You had a super productive knitting year! And another WOW! Because that sweater looks GREAT on you. Just terrific. Wear it well, my friend -- and here's to another great year of knitting. XO

Tired Teacher said...

Well done: you look fabulous!

elns said...

Bridget you are selling the hell out of that sweater. And Tim it looks made for you, whether you knit it or not, we all know what that means. FIRE girl, it looks great. It's going to get a lot of wear, but the thing I'm reeling from reading your debrief is how every element of this project seemed to be on point for you -- even your new needles! It's a love story and I love it.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

The tee looks fantastic! And so do you!

Lilly's Mom said...

Hooray for you dear friend for a great knitting marathon! You look so lovely in that sweater and I love the lace trim at the bottom. I tried knitting myself a sweater a couple of years ago and had no luck. Maybe I need to rethink it. Wishing you all the best on your 2018 knitting adventure. Stay warm! Pat xx

Mereknits said...

The sweater is fabulous! Oh my goodness Bridget it is perfect. You did a wonderful job with it.

kathy b said...

Im really happy your 2017 was a great knit year! I saw you Instagram photo and just loved your finish. My 2017 had lots of knit successes and fun in it. I made bears for donation, I made fiddly twiddle mitts for donation, I knit some socks, and I gave fingerless gifts to all ...I think I need to start my knit gifts early again this year. It really helped.

Judy S. said...

Beautiful sweater! It looks great on you, too. It was also fun to see your photo. What yarn/color is it? Very pretty!

Vera said...

GORGEOUS! Both the sweater and you. A banner year for sure. Cheers to another one!

Nance said...

Wow, that sweater is perfect in every single way. And it shows in your smile.
The colour is gorgeous. Great job.

Araignee said...

I am so jealous. I NEVER get anything to fit ever!

Patty said...

Your sweater is beautiful! And wow...you did have a productive year. I'm not sure mine was that productive but there was knitting on a regular basis so I'll go with that! ;-)