01 February 2018

February Has Arrived

I am one of the few people that I know (well or even in passing) who loves winter.  I love the dark.  I love the cold.  I love the feeling that I want to be cozy and comfy.  I love snow, though I hate ice.  The only thing I don't like about January is that the holidays are over.  But then I think about the long weekend holidays that will be showing up, and that gives me something to look forward to.  As long as I have something - anything, no matter how small - to look forward to, I can get through just about anything.

But now January has moved along and February is here.  Which means that Valentine's Day is on the way, which is a day I like.  BTW, in case you were wondering (and I'm certain you were not), I'm not a fan of "Galentine's Day."  Ick.  Anyway, this year, Valentine's Day is also Ash Wednesday, which means anyone who gives up candy for Lent is a fool.  I mean, the next day, all the chocolate in the world is at least half-price!

But I digress.  Besides it being the first day of a new month, it's also Three On Thursday, so here are Three Things I'm Looking Forward To In February.

1.  Sports!  I don't generally get overly excited about the Super Bowl, since teams I like don't often make it.  But this year, the Philadelphia Eagles are there, and I would love for them to win.  However, just the fact that they got that far has put everyone in such a good mood, that it's been both funny and nice.  Plus, unlike some teams of the past, this group of players are a bunch of good guys - they interact with and contribute to the community, both here and all around.  They have a sense of humor about themselves that makes them fun to watch.

And then - the Winter Olympics!  I love watching the various events, and every single time think that it must be amazing to even be there.  Plus, I can get my fill of the luge, which truly fascinates me ...

2.  Pip's birthday.  We celebrated both Pip and Jetsam's birthdays on Valentine's Day, and it will be bittersweet this year without our sweet Jetsam.  But it will be fun to concentrate on Pip, since I can guarantee he'll have a LOT to say about it!  He loves attention, and loves to comment on everything.

3.  Chinese New Year.  We always celebrate Chinese New Year by making a Chinese-inspired feast, which is a lot of fun, and weather/schedule permitting, we like to go to the parade in Chinatown here.  However, since this will be The Year of the Dog, I've told The Tim that it means we should take it literally and try to find a new family member.  We're not in any hurry, but both of us are ready and hopefully we will find a perfect pup.  We will of course, make sure that whatever pup it is gets along with cats.  I always used to tell Dug that there were only two rules in our house:  1) You have to be nice to the kitties, and 2) The kitties come first.  He was always just fine with that.  ;-)

So I hope you have some February things to anticipate as well.  I will admit to getting tired of being around people who are so grumpy all of the time, and so I have to make myself remember the stuff that *I* actually like!  Let's hope it's a good month all the way around.


sprite said...

How wonderful you're looking to add to the family! I shall keep my fingers crossed you find just the right pup.

February holds my birthday, so that's always fun to look forward to. And I'm looking forward to the Olympics, too.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I think getting a new pup in the year of the dog would be just perfect!

Kym said...

I love this post, Bridget. So many good things in there. But you know what I think is best??? The "finding a new family member" part!!! What an appropriate and FUN way to celebrate the Year of the Dog! :-) (Our beloved dog Jake also had a Valentine's Day birthday. We didn't actually know when we was born, but we calculted it to be sometime in mid-February. Because he was such a LOVE, we chose February 14. It's a great day to celebrate pets' birthdays.)

Lynn said...

the calendar is weird this year. Easter falls on April 1st!!

Leslie said...

Happy Holidays and I hope your team wins!

Anonymous said...

Vera and I are NEVER grumpy!!!! Come out and visit us!!!! ;-)

I think it is great you are looking for a new family member. It could be a birthday gift for Pip. I'm SURE he'll have something to say about it.

Araignee said...

I prefer winter too but lately it's been a bust. Way too cold or way too warm and most worrisome-not enough snow. What happened to our 30 degree winters with a light covering of the white stuff that shuts the city down for days?

Nance said...

I look forward to pictures of Pip's Birthday Celebration.