20 March 2018

This First Day of Spring Is Being Brought to You by Yet Another Nor'Easter

I know it's wrong, but it amuses me that we are expecting yet another nor'easter to hit today.  Not because I enjoy shoveling snow and slogging around in resulting slush once it starts melting, but because people always seem surprised when the first day of Spring does not arrive and turn out to be a day that is 60 degrees Fahrenheit and sunny.  Everyone always seems so shocked, and it just seems that this year, Mother Nature is saying, tough luck suckers!

I am sad that it might mark the end of our daffodils that started to bloom.  But they bloomed for my birthday, and that was good enough for me, if they can't hang around for a while after today.  I love daffodils, and consider them my birthday flower.  I take it very personally if none have shown up by then.

Anyway, I am somewhat disorganized at the moment, but wanted to post something, so I decided to borrow Nance's Monday Meme, called Love/Hate Relationships.  (Yes, it's Tuesday.  So sue me.)

1. What kind of song/kind of music always makes you feel good/irritated?

I like most music in general, but I will say that songs by The Beatles make me feel good.  "Modern" music (for example, Philip Glass) makes me irritated.  Big time.

2.  What are among your best/worst traits?

Best:  Self-discipline, loyalty, empathy
Worst:  Impatience, quick judgement, bad temper

3.  What food did you used to like but now you don't?

Marsala veggie burgers from Trader Joe's.  The Tim still really likes them, but I can't stand them anymore. 

4.  What book did everyone else love but you didn't?

The Girl on the Train.  I could not stand any of the characters, and would not have been upset had said train crashed on page 4 or so.

5.  Fill in the blanks:  I love my _________, but I hate (its/their/the) __________.

I love my house, but I hate to clean it (though once I get started, it's fine, and I'm always happy with the result).
I love my country, but I hate the current administration and their ilk.

OK, that was fun.   And it meant I had a legit post for today.  Feel free to answer in the comments, at Nance's original post, or on your own blog. 

Stay warm and safe if you are in the path of the crazy weather!


Tired Teacher said...

Unfortunately Spring arrives when it wants to, not when the calendar says it should. Sending warming thoughts your way. Be safe and warm today.

Kym said...

Spring in Michigan . . . usually means cold, snow, and hope . . . for at least another 6 weeks!

AsKatKnits said...

You have support in dislike of the Girl on the Train... Worst.Book.Ever. And, yes, a train crash anytime between page 1-4 would have improved it greatly. LOL

Nance said...

I feel the same way about The Beatles! I've used a lot of my Apple Music Credit downloading their albums (mostly early stuff). "Eight Days a Week" especially gets me dancing.

Spring here is 36 degrees with 24mph winds out of the NE. Oh. Yay. Our snow comes tonight.

KSD said...

I LOVE this type of thing. In accordance with that feeling, I shall be copying and pasting these questions onto my blog. Thank you to you and to Nancy.

Araignee said...

What is up with this weather?????
I hated Girl on a Train too. I haven't seen the movie but The Mister liked it.

Caffeine Girl said...

Hope the storm isn't too hard on you!

Anonymous said...

I get aggravated with the people they interview on the news that are upset it is snowing.

For Pete's sake .......you live in the north.

Move to Florida where every June to November you wonder if your roof will be leaving you for a new locale!