11 July 2018

Christmas in July : Part 2

It's that time again!  Today marks Week #2 of Christmas in July!!

This week, the giveaway package is geared towards people who: like to sew, used to sew and want to get back to it, want to have inspiration and a simple project to learning how to sew, or those who know someone who sews and wants to give them a package of goodies.

Of course, having said that, anyone at all can participate - maybe you just want to try and win something - I don't know your life. ;-)

In any event, we have a tin of Milk and Honey Lotion Bar, in Citrus scent.  (This stuff is really great - I bought one for a gift a while back and then couldn't find it, so I bought another one.  Then, guess what??)  We have a printed pattern for the Endless Summer Tunic, which I liked so well, I bought two!  (OK, I forgot I'd already ordered it.  Do you detect a theme?)  It's a wonderful pattern, and really quite simple though I'm sure you could glam it up or add to it via the next item, the Alabama Stitch Book, by Natalie Chanin and and Stacie Stukin.  I bought this for myself last year, and though it's a really cool book, and pretty inspirational, I have come to the conclusion that I will never, ever, make use of it.  So I'd rather pass it along to someone who can act upon the inspiration! 

This week, I want to know the following:

If time and money were no object, and you were suddenly granted the ability to do any craft you wanted in the most amazing way possible, what item/pattern/project would you most want to knit, crochet, sew, cross-stitch, etc.? 

If you would like a chance to win this giveaway, tell me your answer in the comments.  I will keep the thread open until Sunday, July 15, 2018, at 5 p.m. EDT. 

Good luck!  I can't wait to see what all of you have to tell me this week!


Anonymous said...

If I had all the money and time in the world I would love to go to England and take a class from Kaffe Fasset on quilting. Buy fabric there. All Liberty fabric. See the Rowan factory. Buy wool for a knitted coat. Then fly to hedgehog in Ireland for the knitting retreat. Sigh. I have the time but not the money. Really enjoy your blogs. Cheryl (seajaes on Ravelry)

AsKatKnits said...

Oh my... if time and money were no issue, I would love to go to Alabama Chanin and take a work shop! What fun that would be! Also, high on the list would be to join Maryjane Mucklestone and Gudrun Johnston in Scotland for one of their knitting tours!

Good luck everyone!

Bonny said...

I think I would like to buy enough yarn at The Loopy Ewe that I would get to Loopy Legend status and be able to get my own yarn colorway dyed based on one of my photos. I know the picture (a sunset) I would use, and then I would buy enough of my personal colorway to knit a couple blankets with it. Completely impractical, and I don't need any more yarn, but since money is no object in this fantasy, this is what I'm doing. I'm looking forward to the responses to this interesting question!

Vera said...

Oh! Love this prize package!!!!! I would LOVE to take a class with Natalie Chanin and, naturally, I would LOVE to go to Shetland...hike around, buy some wool (both yarn and fabric)and then set myself up with a nice, big, airy craft room. And, invite all my crafty buddies to come and play with me.

Anonymous said...

There is a cross stitch pattern that I would LOVE to have, but it is out of print and the ones for sale are going for upwards of $90!!!!! I just can't fathom that.

The kicker is .......I had it at one time (as a kit it was $60.00) and I messed up the pattern so I threw it away knowing I could get it at Michael's. Well, I put it off and next thing you know 90+ dollars!!!!

THAT is what I would do if money were no object ..... hit EBay!

(I'll pass on the giveaway and let a sewist have a chance at it.)

Shirley said...

If given the opportunity, I would love to take classes from Jackie Geurig, modern quilting instructor, and Vanessa Christiansen, designer/instructor. I would love to shop all the quilt stores on the east coast.

Kym said...

I'm one of those kids who, when asked what they'd wish for with three wishes, always said, "First, I'd wish for unlimited wishes." :-) So. With unlimited funds, I'd like to travel the world in search of all the workshops and retreats that sound interesting to me -- and I'd also take tours and visit museums/galleries for a little extra inspiration! XO

Araignee said...

For me it's a toss up between getting a free motion lesson from Angela Walters or bigger loom with a lesson from anyone who knows how to weave better than me which is everybody pretty much. Of course the money thing comes in because now I need a new house to have room for that long arm machine or that bigger loom. I really, really am out of room here!

andrea said...

gosh, if i had my way with time and money being no object, i'd probably want to get a floor loom and weave. or become very well versed in bread baking. but then again, maybe not. i don't have much of an interest now do really sink my teeth into those things. i'd probably just knit more :)

kathy b said...

I dont sew so you need not include me in the lucky group! I hope someone who loves sewing wins it. My wish would be to not itch with wool. Hmmmm. Maybe I need a skin transfusion