20 July 2018

Friday Thoughts

On my way to work this a.m., I had several things rattling around in my brain, and so you, lucky readers, get to also ponder them.

1. WHY is it that if two people are coming towards you on the sidewalk and there is only room for two people to walk, neither of them will move in front of/behind the other so that you can walk by???  I was always taught that this is the polite thing to do.  To quote George Costanza, "We're living in a society here!"

2.  I have to wonder where all of the women work who are wearing cutoff jeans and stiletto heels.  They don't look like hookers, but I guess that's a possibility.

3.  Do people who arrive at work with wet hair just let it dry normally, or do they blow dry and style it once they get there?

4.  When you ride a skateboard to work, are you all sweaty when you arrive?

5.  I hope trash collectors get paid a lot of money.

6.  Who is it that eats chicken wings and then just drops the bones on the street?  I mean, every corner here in the city has a trash can.  And even if that was not an option, why don't you take the bones with you until you can throw them away?

This post has been brought to you by my brain.  Have a good weekend!


AsKatKnits said...

LOL thanks for the Friday morning laugh!

And, as for #1... I thought that was just a Mt. Lebanon phenomenon. Truly. They are the most self-centered people on the planet. I am sorry some must have escaped to your fair city!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

1. Thankfully, it doesn’t happen often here… but when it does, I just walk into them. They usually get the point.
2. Um… strippers? Hooter’s waitresses? Those are about the only places I can think of where that dress code is acceptable.
3. Who does that? Either option is just cray cray.
4. I think that depends on how hot it is outside, with a skateboard, you’re gliding on the board most of the time, so you don’t get overly sweaty unless it’s humid out (or you have a lot of hills to climb)
5. They get a decent wage here – most of them are unionized (or used to be) Last I heard it was around $25/hr, but that was years ago and it may have changed. Some municipalities have gone to private garbage collection (no union) and I think that pays less.
6. A very rude inconsiderate person… or a raccoon.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Fireman saves that day! I'm glad they were able to rescue it!

Anonymous said...

#1 drives me CRAZY along with it's companion ------------why do people have a prolonged conversation (or ANY conversation really) in the doorway to a business?????

Kim in Oregon said...

I'm pretty sure they aren't all hookers, or else I teach at a state university devoted to educating hookers.

Araignee said...

Too funny!!!
Nothing anyone does anymore surprises me. I do get the sidewalk thing as the walks in town are very narrow. I always drop behind or step off the curb but it seems I'm the only one. Tourists are the worst.

sprite said...

The sidewalk hoggers are a problem in D.C., too. I've gotten so that I stop walking and turn my shoulder out to them, so they have to walk into me (and so I don't get hurt by them).

I can't speak for skateboarding, but I do sometimes get sweaty riding my bike to work. I keep a towel, some baby powder, and a mini deodorant in my desk for days when it's particularly bad.

As for the wet hair thing, I let my hair dry naturally all the time, so I do sometimes show up at work before it's dried.

Bonny said...

I can report that #1 also happens often in NJ and MD, on the sidewalks and walking tracks! Maybe next time it happens I'll have to shout out George's comment and see if it arouses any reaction.

Vera said...

Good laughs Bridget. I started to answer and then it disappeared. Oy! Our former receptionist used to do her hair and makeup at the front desk...drove me nuts!

Helen said...

#3. I'm guilty, but I don't style my hair, so air dry is it.

Tired Teacher said...

Too funny! I love Kim's comment, too.

Tamster said...

I live in a community in Virginia that has a walking path in front of a lake. When I run into the two people side by side business, I simply don't give, even if that means slamming into them (it's more like bumping shoulders). So far, it's only happened twice. And I would never do that with someone older, just people my age or younger. Of course, mine is an entirely different world than if I were in NYC or somewhere that you could end up with a far worse problem. Am I being rude as well? Maybe, but, IMHO, not as rude as those path hogs are. Maybe they'll move over the next time around.

Kym said...

The world is FULL of bafflements!!!!

KSD said...

Hugh says, "Brain?"