15 July 2018

Second Giveaway Winner!

If it's Sunday, it must be ... time to find out who won the second giveaway for my Christmas in July!

There were fewer entries this time, which I expected, since the prize was sewing-related as opposed to knitting-related.

But those who did respond had some really great ideas - none of which I didn't have in some way myself - about what they would do if money were no object and they could do whatever project they wanted to do.  Some reponses even added to my own ideas. :-)

So I cranked up the old Random.Org, and demanded that it tell me who would get the package.  I am always surprised by how quickly the response appears - but I guess when it's your only job, you need to do it well, right?

The number it chose was response #2, from Kat!  Her response was:

"Oh my... if time and money were no issue, I would love to go to Alabama Chanin and take a work shop! What fun that would be! Also, high on the list would be to join Maryjane Mucklestone and Gudrun Johnston in Scotland for one of their knitting tours!

Good luck everyone!"

I thought it was a funny coincidence that she mentioned the Scotland knitting tours, since my friend Kathy (she of helping me seam together my Custom Cranberry Sweater) was in Shetland at the time, on a knitting retreat/tour/workshop!  The photos she was posting on Instagram made it look even better than it had all sounded before she even left.

In any case, Congratulations Kat!  When you have a chance, please send me your mailing address at thekittyknitterATverizonDOTnet, and I'll put the package together to send.

Well, that was even more fun than last week.  Join me again this coming Wednesday to see what the next giveaway will be!


In related news, yesterday I finished the first of my Christmas in July Socks:

These were fun to knit, and I had no issues, so hopefully sock #2 will go as well as this one.  The colorway of this yarn is Peppermint Mocha, and I think it's definitely truth in advertising! 

I hope the upcoming week is a good one for all of you.  I have Part 2 of my dental implant procedure tomorrow morning (ugh), but next weekend should bring something fun.  I'll keep you posted. :-)


Anonymous said...

Congrats to Kat!!!

Bonny said...

I think random.org chose the perfect recipient for this gift and you are knitting the most lovely Christmas in July socks. Wishing you well with your procedure tomorrow.

Kym said...

Nothing like starting the week off with a dental procedure. . . (NOT). I hope it goes well -- and just think -- you'll be all finished before the week really begins. XO

Araignee said...

Congrats to the winner. I love those socks-those stripes are fabulous!

Tired Teacher said...

Congratulations, Kat!

Love your Christmas in July socks and hope your dental procedure goes smoothly.

kathy b said...

HEy ! I just had part 2 of my dental implant done on Tuesday. They put in the screw so to speak. Im now rinsing my teeth with a anti bacterial twice a day. hate the taste and hate the after taste but oh well. 2 more weeks of it.

Vera said...

Congrats to Kat! Love your newest sock project.

AsKatKnits said...

oh my gosh!!

What??? Thank you!!!

And, that is a gorgeous sock!! And, with today's heat - I am thinking that some Christmas like weather would be just a wonderful thing!