08 March 2019

In the Mood Again for a TGIF post

Well.  Here we are, another Friday has arrived and March is underway.  I am now on a once-a-week schedule for my occupational therapy, and it's scheduled for Friday mornings at 7:30, which works really well for me.  It means that I get it all done first thing, and then even when I have to still go to work, it's the last day of the work week. 

Having said that, since I am not at work until later in the morning, I have more time that belongs only to my and my brain.  Here's what was rattling around in there earlier.

Thinking About - how undervalued it is anymore to be average and/or normal.  Everyone is obsessed with the Most Wonderful People.  But it's the average, normal people who get up every day and go to work and do the things they are supposed to do  (often providing support to the Most Wonderful People).  And most people do well enough in their schooling to advance through the levels of school.  But only the Amazing Smart People get the recognition.  They go to The Good Schools - which has always made me wonder: Are there parents and teenagers who - if not Amazing Smart People - say to themselves, Oh well, I guess I'll just go to A Bad School, or An OK But Not Really Good School? 

Getting Ready For - a big week coming up.  We have Milo the Koodle's birthday, my birthday, St. Patrick's Day, and then St. Joseph's Day which means zeppoles!!

Interested In - trying to find the best way for me to get myself and my life organized a bit more.  Most people who know me think I'm already incredibly organized, and I am by nature someone who likes to be that way, but since I broke my wrist and have been recovering so slowly, things have fallen by the wayside.  I've decided to try and figure out something this weekend, or at least get some ideas.

Funny - this falls into the category of it's funny but I do know it shouldn't be.  I saw a link to this article on Twitter, and not only does the headline amuse me greatly, but a) it's ironic it would appear on International Women's Day, and b) some of the Twitter comments were hilarious.  My inner 12-year-old boy was amused by the person who said that it proves that "money can't buy happenis." 

Have a good weekend, and be careful out there.  :-)


KSD said...

So, he was always concerned with his appearance? Was he constantly looking at his crotch?

Also, how do you find a doctor who does this sort of thing? Look through the Yellow Pages?

Araignee said...

How did I not know what a zeppole is until now?

karen said...

average is where it's at! Happy birthday when you have your birthday!!

Mereknits said...

I am so with you on the best people. Can't we just live our lives, trying to be the best we can be, contribute the best way we know how and be grateful for that? I have neighbor's whose children have gone to b=the best universities, are in med school and such. They are incredible children, but does that make mine less because they graduated from schools with lesser pedigrees? It makes me crazy. We are so populated, every town, city and such being full of people who make the world go round, not one is more important than another.

kathy b said...

I so believe that living an ordinary life is a calling. Isn't it amazing when you go to a funeral of someone who lived well and loved well into their 80s and 90s? They didn't end up in jail, they didn't cheat on their taxes, they were THERE for their family, and they appreciated the little things. I think being ordinary is extraordinary theses days.